She is a new girl who moves into a new town she doesnt even know. She has a past you could never guess. She falls in love with a guy. The only problem is that she has to keep secrets from him that she could never tell.


1. Presentation


  My name is Tiffany Coopera , my parents are spanish but I was born in America and I've lived here since I was born. I have a very long past. Since my parents died when I was a baby, I travelled from family to family in the country. When I was 12, a weird and crazy man kidnaped me when I was walking . It was the worst years of my life ! He raped me and 3 other girls.

  One of the girls called Samantha Smith managed to escape one month ago and she got into a family, I read it in the newspapers. I escaped from his house where I was imprisonned 2 months ago. I walked 100 miles until I reached the first city. Since I had a little money hidden, I used it to change my identity card and my style like that nobody will regnonise me. I arrived in this new town 10 minutes away from New York (Greenwich I think). I'm going to be 18 this year. 

 To pay my rent, I work in this smoothie shop when I have free time. The smoothies are amazing ! They are delicious ! The shop is called " Fruity Smoothie ". Before the first day of school, I try to work the whole day to win more money. I also work in "Good o Meals" during the night. 

  I have one week until school starts. I volunteered to come one day before school starts to help clean up the classrooms. Unfortunatly, I know nobody in this school. I need to meet new people. 

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