A titleless book

Basically I haven't thought of a title yet , so I'm just going to write until the perfect one comes to me. If you have any ideas don't hesitate to comment.
This book is going to have sexual context in it.
A love story I think.


2. The morning after

I woke up the next morning to scarlet red roses in a glass vase with a little note on the side.

'Goodmorning baby, sorry I didn't wake you, you looked so beautiful and peaceful asleep , I've gone to work, be home soon , I love you'

I have to admit, that warmed my heart a little. I couldn't help but think about last night , I had finally done 'it'. And 'it' was great! I loved the way he whispered he loved me in my ear , and the way I could hear his heart next to mine.

I sat up on the edge of his bed and smelt the beautiful roses , the heavenly aroma of them filled the air , making me feel blissful and happy. I got up and put on his shirt on that was laying on the floor from yesterday, it was quite large on me and came down to my thighs but I liked it like that. After I had washed my face and brushed my hair I went down stairs and headed towards the kitchen;the smell of freshly made pancakes tickled my nose and tingled my taste buds. A plateful of them we're laying on the table with a glass of fresh orange and a bowl of fruit. It was only until I had sat down and picked up my knife and fork when I realised he had wrote 'enjoy' in chocolate sauce. How sweet of him.

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