This Is Who We Are

Previously This Is Us


1. In place of the back of book summary:

Riley was the type of girl who kept to herself more often than not. She was quiet and unsocial by choice, she didn't like acting out or bringing attention to herself. That's not to say she was too anxious to, she just preferred not to. She had no desire to sneak out of the house to go to a party, she didn't intend on going out of her way to cause some sort of trouble because she was bored. Her happy place was in the books she read and in the work she did. She had given herself a life plan and there was no room for a relationship, not that she ever really cared about having one. It had always been the last thing on her mind.

Daniel was the type of teenager to do everything Riley looked down on, he loved to act out. He loved being the center of attention when he chose to be. He picked fights, dicked around with his friends in the halls, and had a reputation with the more "popular girls". He was often the host of the "biggest party of the year" and causing trouble was his middle name. However, outside of his closest friends, he was closed off and as grumpy as could be. And on top of all that, he wasn't the type of guy who could see himself in a long term relationship. Not because he didn't want it, but because he was terrified of history repeating itself.

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