This Is Us

"Our family... It's the boys, you, and me... This messed up little family, until the end... This is us."


2. Author's note: Why Chapter One is repeatedly posted and messed around with


Hey. People who want to read this book, have read this book, etc., I just wanted to let you know why I keep changing it around and publishing the same chapter over and over. My writing has improved quite a bit and I'm quite proud of it now more than ever. I, a seventeen year old, am trying to publish this story. No, when published, I will not have the author's notes involved. I'm typing the story up in a program called Book Wright. The author's notes are included here, and here only. I have been toying around with the chapter, I've noticed mistakes, this, that, and the other thing. I've been editing it, and I am moving on to the second chapter. The reason it's taking so long is because I'm writing it all out on paper first to get the general idea down and edit it from there, and even typing it up, I still have to read it over and over to make sure I didn't make too many mistakes. I've enjoyed writing this book for four whole years, and I keep coming up with new idea, how to make it better, what I can do with my expanding experience of writing. I adore this book, and the ones that come after it. Riley and Daniel are my favourite characters to write about, so I really hope people can enjoy them as much as I do. Please bear with me while I edit, revise, and publish chapters repeatedly. When it's all over, I will post a link to where you can buy the book so you can own it yourself on eBook or even paperback/hardcover if it gets that far. Please, if you notice mistakes or anything you think I could improve on, please let me know. I would really appreciate it.


Much love, 

Darrius N.

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