Appearing out of nowhere

A Doctor Who Fanfiction (My first, sorry if it's bad)
The doctor and Rory have been separated from Amy as they appear in different places before fangirls of today and the future.


1. Quite the surprise

A creaking sounded from the doors of the TARDIS as they closed.

"Amy!!" The doctor cried from behind the controls.

"No, Rory" 

"Well, all the same! Welcome back!"

"I only went out for some tea,"

"Doesn't mean I can't be friendly..." Then the doctor started to trail off, mumbling to himself with an odd expression on his face. "Where's Amy?"


"Oh" another odd look came from the doctor, which was followed by an awkward silence. "Um, anyway, tea" Rory came over to the control panel and gave the doctor some tea. 

"Where is Amy?" The Doctor strode out of the TARDIS and instead of outside the Pond's house, somewhere completely different. "Oh."

"What do you mean 'oh'" Said Rory coming out side "Oh."

They appeared to not be outside the Pond's house anymore. "Well that's hardly fair is it!!?" The Doctor said turning round to slap the TARDIS, only to find that it wasn't there. "I think.." The doctor hesitated, "I think I may have upset her."


The doctor ignored Rory and took out his sonic screwdriver to scan around the room. "Doctor" Rory tapped him on the shoulder, "What do you want? I'm scanning for signs of life here!" 

"You do realise you could just look around don't you?"

"Pfff" then he continued scanning the area. "Also," he said while checking behind a mirror "Why are you whispering?" He then came back to stand beside Rory "Because she WAS asleep". The Doctor turned to face the girl he was pointing at, she was about 14 and was wearing pyjamas, sat up in bed. She smiled once the Doctor had seen her, and turned on her bedside light. 


"I can't believe that it's really you."

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