Appearing out of nowhere

A Doctor Who Fanfiction (My first, sorry if it's bad)
The doctor and Rory have been separated from Amy as they appear in different places before fangirls of today and the future.


2. Confusion

"I beg your pardon, don't believe we've met before. But then again-"

"Time travel and all" the girl finished off the Doctor's sentence with a smile. "Where's Amy?" The Doctor and Rory exchanged looks, "I'm sorry," started Rory, "But you might have to explain all of this, did you bring us here?"

"No, no, no," the girl shook her head and started to get out of bed, she wore an oversized T-shirt and leggings as pyjamas and her hair was extremely scruffy. "You came from my wall," she pointed, coming closer to where they stood "You came from this poster," her finger tapped on a glossy sheet with a picture of Amy by the TARDIS. "Why is Amy on your wall?"

"Why is the TARDIS on your wall?" The Doctor spread his hand over the image, then looked up to see the words: 'Doctor Who' just above Amy's head. "I'm confused,"

"Well that can't be good," Rory looked at the Doctor, "Doctor, is Amy back there alone?"


"Oh my god! You would never believe the amount of hustle you have to go through just to get to the toilets..." Amy's words trailed off as she realised no one was actually in the TARDIS. She jumped down the steps and peered around the other side of the control panel, nothing. "Doctor?" She wondered round towards the back of the TARDIS, and down towards where her and Rory's bedroom was, "Rory?" Her foot steps echoed, with no whirring of machinery or constant exited talk from the Doctor it was eerily quiet. "Looks like no one's home," she came back round to the doors, "and that's really not very comforting". There was a flash of orange as she swished round to open the doors and her hair violently swooped into her face, in front of her eyes. 


Leaves crunched beneath her feet as she stepped outside, which was odd, as it had been hot and summery in France 2026, they were also about to enjoy some tea, but plans never really went exactly to their own plan. An orange autumn leaf flew down past her face, it brought with it a cold rush of wind. Amy ran back to the TARDIS to put on her jacket and scarf, she also changed her sandals to boots, then came back out of the TARDIS, checking if anything had changed again. The only change wasn't the scenery or season, but a person was standing there, in front of the doors, staring up at the 'Police (public call) Box' sign. When the doors opened they ran towards her and hugged her. "Hello!!!" Their eyes had welled up with tears of happiness, "Hello!" Amy's eyes widened "I'm sorry but do we know each other?"

"Not at all!"

"Right, you gonna let go of me now?"

"Wait... Okay," they released their grip and straightened themselves out, "Oh, I'm Jasmine by the way, I know that you're Amy Pond of course, because you are!". Jasmine looked at her for a long while in awe, it seemed to make her happy, staring at her. "So," Amy hesitated to see if Jasmine's slightly drowsy expression would change if she spoke, unfortunately there was no great change, "how do you know m- and you're hugging me again!”

“I’m sorry, I should explain myself,” 

“Yeah, probably,”

“Well, I know how you go time traveling with the Doctor, married to Rory, that’s the TARDIS, but I have never actually met you before.” Jasmine seemed very proud of this fact, she had a smug smile on her face. “Okay,” Amy hesitated “So how exactly do you know this?”

“Well, you see this T-shirt that I’m wearing?” Jasmine stretched out her plain navy top.

“Yes,” Where the hell is this going? Amy couldn’t help but think Jasmine was slightly mad, but she new somehow, I mean, she really new, and there were only very few people outside of her, Rory and the Doctor that new about it.

“Well, it wasn’t blank before,”


“As in you kind-of appeared out of it!”

“I think I would have noticed if I had come out of a T-shirt, and besides that’s insane!”

Jasmine sighed and slumped slightly, she took out her phone and texted someone, then put it on stand-by and put it in her pocket again. “I’ve texted my friend, she should be here pretty soon, she lives around the corner, we should start walking there,”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t even know you! You expect me to just run along with you to meet your friend?”

“ ‘Fraid so, dear” and Jasmine started walking towards a street with cobbled paving stones. Amy decided it was either waiting in the TARDIS for probably nothing, or walking to meet someone, which frankly, sounded much ore interesting to her. Besides, if anything happened, there were a few people around to see. 


The houses looked quite old for the time period, and cobbled pavings seemed out of place too. Jasmine rambled on a little about something like: “Oh my god, it’s so amazing to meet you though, and when Sebastianne sees you, ohmygodohmygodohmygod…”. Soon, they came across another girl, when she saw them she ran up to Jasmine and gave her a hug, “Hey! You okay?”


“Hey!” Sebastianne waved at Amy, 

“Why does everyone know me?”

“Oh! You haven’t met me yet, sorry.”

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