Eyes Open Eyes Closed. Short Stories

Eye Open Eyes Closed is short horror stories. Eyes Open Eyes Closed is the 1st story.


1. Eyes Open Eyes Closed

Eyes Open Eyes Closed By: CDude9763. I walked To The Bathroom with my eyes closed. When I opened them the part of the floor i walked across dissolved. I looked around after going to the bathroom. I saw a board. I picked it up and walked across the board. It was with my eyes closed i wasn't fast enough. It Fell in i was 5 stories up i closed my eyes the parts of floor i fell through dissolved. i opened them too late i was in a cave i hoped that those footsteps belong to a guided tour. i hope so. It felt like it was a dream. I pinched my self. It was creepy. I woke up I felt weepy. It didn't feel even. I was in a grave. I started to rave. Bureid Alive. i want to live. i am dead. the end.
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