Opposites Attract

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy. But, what happens when he falls hard for a good girl? Will he win her heart?


8. Chapter 8

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"So you're saying if I pass the next history test, we won't be having these sessions anymore?" His eyes lit up as if he was that desperate to get away from me.

"Well if you pass, that is. If you fail, we keep having these until you pass." I answered honestly being mature about this whole thing. He obeyed and I watched his writing carefully waiting for him to mess up when I remembered what my dad told me. "Oh, um my dad wanted to talk to your parents."

"Why?" He scoffed getting me pretty embarrassed.

"He wants to make sure there are adults here..." I muttered telling the truth.

"Does he think I'm gonna like force you into bed?" He laughed making me get uncomfortable. I started licking my lips because of how dry they became after that remark.

"Can I just go tell him to talk to your grandma?"

"I don't care, go." He shooed me off.

"Keep working." I ordered earning a lazy nod and eye rolling from him.

I walked down the spiral stairs trying not to make too much noise and watching my step. "Leaving so early?" Harry's grandma's cute voice said.

"Actually no, I kind of need you to talk to my dad to prove to him that there's a legal guardian in this house." I laughed nervously.

"Of course!" She exclaimed reaching for the telephone.

"No, it's fine. Here's my cell." I dialed the number and handed it to her as she cleared her throat getting prepared to talk.


"Your father's a good parent." She handed my cell back to me. "Very protective."

"Kind of embarrassing at times." I laughed shyly turning to walk away. "Thank you."


"Wait, I uh, didn't get your name." I smiled giving out my hand. "I'm Mackenzie."

She happily shook it and gave it a light squeeze. "Call me GiGi."

I nodded respectfully and walked back upstairs as she oddly grinned at me. I walked back into Harry's room only to find him sitting on the floor playing video games. I honestly didn't know what to say. I didn't want to yell because I'm usually a calm person but I also didn't want to let him off the hook.

"Harry, you were supposed to be working." I stood in front of his huge television getting him irritated.

"Move towel girl!" He shouted moving his upper body left to right to get view of the game again.

"My name is Mackenzie." I glared at him with my arms crossed. He ignored me and kept trying to play. He was already a self centered douche bag and adding spoiled rich kid on the list is not my cup of tea. I switched off the television getting him furious.


"Get back to work, Harry."

"Just one more game!" He pouted.

"No." I responded. He didn't know it, but I was scared out of my mind on the inside. I was literally bossing around Harry Styles and I was barely anything to him. Who am I to tell him what to do? He groaned and got up obviously very annoyed with me. "Think about it this way, Harry. The more you study for the test, the more likely you'll pass, and the less we'll have to see each other."

"Harold!" GiGi's voice screamed. After just one call, Harry was on his feet running to her.

"Coming!" He responded quickly. That's weird, he always throws a fit when dad calls him Harold. Guess he only likes it when GiGi calls him by it.

"Hey! We haven't met." A voice other than Harry's said making me turn around surprised. "Niall."

"Hi. Mackenzie." I waved shyly as he ran to Harry's bed and landed on it with a thump making himself comfortable.

"So you met Ethel?" Niall asked, making conversation. It was weird how Harry's friends were more friendlier than him. But at the moment, I was puzzled as to who Ethel was.


"Ethel? Harry's grandma?"

I scrunched my eyebrows staring at him dumbfounded. I thought her name was GiGi? "I thought her name was GiGi. She told me it was."

He started giggling and I sat there staring at him completely befuddled. Ethel or GiGi? What? "Mackenzie, Harry's been calling his grandma GiGi since he was a baby... It's his way of saying grandma. Her real name's Ethel." He started laughing even harder but then it died down. "Wait, how did you know?"

"I didn't..." I looked down avoiding eye contact as usual, "She told me to call her that." I am nothing to Ethel, why would she want me to call her something her only grandson named her?

"Well that's weird." He commented looking a bit weird himself.

"Can we wrap this up? Friends are coming over." Harry's head popped in talking to me. I snapped out of the consumption of my thoughts and started nodding.

"Yeah, um see you tomorrow. But uh, it's only been an hour.."

"I'll make the two hours up tomorrow, I don't know."

"Harry, even I know you can't do five hours of studying." Niall chimed in making me giggle to myself because he literally took the words right out of my mouth. He caught me laughing and winked making me look away.

"Yes I can." He growled suddenly getting very defensive.

"Okay, see ya." I picked up my bag and walked out of his room.

"Bye Mackenzie!" Niall's voice shouted as I walked down the hallway.

I quickly walked down the stairs heading for the door when GiGi stopped me. "You didn't even eat anything." She frowned making my heart hurt just seeing her frown even though it was playful. "I was making cookies. Stay a few more minutes darling."

"That sounds great GiGi, but Harry's friends are coming over." I responded guiltily shrugging. Her face fell and she quickly covered it up with a smile. "No problem. I'm sorry. Bye now! Come again babe."

I instantly felt remorse run through my body. I actually felt her happiness dim. My dad does think I'm going to be home around two hours later so what's the harm in staying with Ethel? Speaking of that...

"Actually, GiGi, I can stay." I grinned at her as her eyes lit up just like Harry's. Their resemblance is becoming pretty visible.

"That's great. The boys will be here soon and I could use a woman around..." She nudged me winking making me giggle at enthusiasm. I dropped my bag and followed her into the kitchen. The oven dinged right when she was putting on her oven mitts and then she brought out the cookies with a smile plastered on her glowing face. She was quite petite and just so cute. She was only maybe like five centimeters taller than me but that making Harry way taller than her. "Cookies! Grab the milk, will ya?"

I obeyed and poured two glasses. The doorbell rang causing Ethel to waddle to the door. The boys sprinted in giving her a kiss on the cheek as they ran up the stairs heading to Harry's room. She laughed at their greeting and walked back to me. I dipped a cookie in the milk and took a bite out of it and moaned in delight. "This is amazing... You have to give me the recipe!"

She laughed at me and took a bite herself. "Of course. Harry and I always bake these cookies together," she continued chewing, "Ever since he was eight or maybe nine. Even now he helps out." Her laughter flooded through the room. "I can't reach the shelves for the ingredients so you know where he comes in." Harry's height was a very good advantage.

"Um, I have a question."

"Anything, love."

"Niall told me your name is Ethel..." I slowly admitted as she nodded her head.

"Yes, it is." She smiled.

"Then why did you tell me it was GiGi?"

"I prefer GiGi." She confessed.

"But Harry calls you that because-"

"Mackenzie, can you please give this plate to the boys upstairs?" She cut me off handing me the plate.

I nodded. "Of course." I walked up the stairs and luckily found my way to Harry's room. I knocked and when I heard I could go in, I did and the boys stared at me with smiles.

"Mackenzie!" Zayn hollered.

"You're still here?" Harry looked at me confused earning a whack on the head from Louis.

"Gi-Ethel wanted me to bring you guys cookies." I held the plate up and Niall grabbed them from me in the blink of an eye. "Enjoy."

"Stay with us!" Liam offered with the warm smile I always found appealing.

"No..." Harry shook his head trying not at all to be subtle.

"That's okay, Ethel wants me." I went to turn away when Louis stopped me.

"Can you send a glass of milk up with the maid?"

"Uh, yeah. Sure." I answered.


"So, you're kind of the only person in his life he has?"

Ethel looked blank but her mouth kept moving to continue reminiscing and I was still listening. "Well, he has his friends and such but all a kid really needs is his family, you know? And his parents aren't really the ideal kind. Always working, never enough time for their son. He won't ever admit it, but it's hard on him."

"They're not involved with him then?"

"They are... But only when it comes to grades. You know, that 'image'. Harry kind of just gave up along the way. He felt like no one cared so why should he? But I was always there motivating him. Around nine to ten years old, he turned to music. He'd write songs and compose and it felt good to see my grandson finally taking a liking to something. He was good at everything," she let out a laugh, "But music really spoke to him."

I lightly smiled at their relationship. It was so affectionate and their love for one another was something I wish I had with my grandparents but they lived in Ohio. "His parents are okay with him running around, misbehaving, and such?" I kind of laughed to play it off.

"No, of course not. But I stepped in and wanted Harry to express himself. He was never one to listen or do what everyone wants him to do. He hated it when people bossed him around and still probably does. He's very defensive. But he's the reason why I bother waking up in the morning."

Usually, I don't give two craps about who, what, Harry is or does or anything but the way Ethel was explaining it... It was intriguing. You can really tell he was the apple of her eye. She would risk anything for him and he reciprocated the feelings back. "You live with him and his parents?"

"No, I live across the street." She pointed out the window showing where she lived. It was a small cottage with a big, visible, beautiful garden.

"I mean, wouldn't you want a bigger place knowing your family's rich?"

She chuckled, "They offered a large house with a small garden, but I wanted a small place with a large garden." She explained looking at me laughing at herself. She really was a jewel.

"You're a gardener?"

"Was back then, and always will be." She answered. "Visit me sometime. Harry always does."

"You must really love him."

"He's the sunshine to my darkness. Everyone always assumes he's this bad person whose not intelligent in any sort of way or has no future or is some rotten kid who lives off his parents money, but," she paused taking a breath, "I know the real him and that's not him." I playfully but in some sort of way raised my eyebrows asking her if she's sure about that and she cackled. "I'm really serious, he helps me garden, he helps me bake and cook and he goes on walks with me. He's a saint but he gives off the impression-"

"-That he doesn't care about anything or anyone? That he's this tough guy that will always have his way? That he only cares about himself and his little clique? Yeah, I know Ethel." I winked making her laugh.

"Exactly. But please, call me GiGi."

"I don't think Harry would like that."

"He will, with time." She tilted her head staring into my eyes.

"When did he meet his friends? They're much more nicer than him..." I said in a questioning way hoping she wouldn't take offense.

"All their parents know each other. Whether it's business partners, childhood friends, or just neighbors. I'm actually close with Niall's granddad and Liam's grandparents. We have our days out, just us senior citizens."

I laughed at that statement. "But is he soft around his friends like he's with you?"

"Yeah, definitely at times. Sometimes he'll kind of just be careless because he knows they won't turn their back on each other. They all get one another, you know? They all like music, they tell each other everything it's crazy."

"How long have they been friends for?"

"All of them knew each other since diapers. I actually have a picture of them in the same crib, are you interested to have a look?" She grinned getting excited.

"Yeah! Totally."

She went to rummage through a drawer in the living room and brought out an old, rusty, antique box. She ran her wrinkly, pale hand over it. She invited me over and we sat on a sofa. She opened the box and one by one picked up pictures.

"This is when he learned how to play the drums." It showed a light brunette boy with piercing green eyes sitting on a stool with drum sticks in his hands. His smile was as big as Africa. "This is him and his parents and me." They didn't look anything like him but GiGi's smile and his smile made up for it. If GiGi wasn't in this picture, you'd think he was with a completely different family. "This is his first time holding a tarantula! He took it swell. It was impressive!" She laughed. "OH! Here's Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis taking a bath!" Both of us cracked up at the picture and I laughed at their baby faces. They still have the same face and you can easily pick them out. Liam was crying, Louis was playing with a rubber duck, Zayn was pouring shampoo on Niall's head and Harry was smiling for the camera. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. My phone started ringing and without even looking at it, I knew it was my dad calling. It was already dark!

"I have to go!" I grabbed my bag and ran out the door leaving her without saying anything. "Bye GiGi!" I screamed outside and her laughter ringed in my ears.

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