Opposites Attract

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy. But, what happens when he falls hard for a good girl? Will he win her heart?


7. Chapter 7

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"Can I have a vanilla on top of chocolate with sprinkles?" A little boy with glasses politely asked waving a five dollar bill in the air.

"Of course you can." I grinned happily scooping up the flavors he asked for. "Here you go big guy." I handed it to him taking his bill. I got his change ready but he had already turned away licking the ice cream. "Wait!" I shouted for him.

"Sorry, sorry! He gets kind of oblivious to everything else when it comes to ice cream." A guy said rushing into the ice cream parlor. I nodded sincerely smiling handing him the change. He gave me back a dollar and I gave him a confused look. "Tip?" He laughed.

"That's not necessary," I shook my head, "It was only two spoons." I shoved it back to him.

"Plus the sprinkles!" He playfully retorted flailing it in my face. I still refused but he shoved the dollar into the tips jar getting me helpless.


"I'm Liam. Is this like your after school job?" He gave me his hand and I shook it quickly before my boss would see.

"Mackenzie and yeah. I um, gotta get back to work."

"Mackenzie? As in Harry's tutor?" Liam wondered out loud making me purse my lips nervously. I nodded and then looked behind me to see if my boss was near. "Zayn's as well?!"

"Yeah." I kind of giggled.

"It's nice to finally meet you. Louis says you're a doll!"

"Well that's great that he finds me appealing." I joked. "But I really gotta get back to work."

"Come on, LIAM!" The little boy screamed from outside with his mouth covered in vanilla cream.

"Little brother?" I assumed.

"Cousin." He corrected waving and walking off. My eyes wandered off to the clock and prayed for the next three hours to go by quickly.


I walked into my house sighing tired, dropping my bag on the ground and then dropping myself on the couch.

"How was your day?" Dad said smiling at the scene of me laying on the couch looking ridiculous.

"Tiring." I answered with my eyes closed getting more comfortable the minute I laid on this couch.

"Well, go eat something. Your student will be here soon." He reminded me walking away. I opened my eyes feeling my body tense up at the mention.

I walked up to my room to go and take a warm, relaxing shower.

After the shower, I ran to my phone since it's little text ring tone went off.

Can't go to your place. Come to mine. Across from yours anyways.. -Harry

I hesitated texting back because I was too busy thinking about what my dad's reaction would be. Harry has a spectacular reputation in school, but to everyone outside of it, it was terrible. Everyone thought of him as the guy who had no future. I don't really suspect my dad would let me go to someone's house that has that kind of rep. It would get in the way of my dad's reputation. He was the most well respected guy in the neighborhood. Everyone knew him as an intelligent man who raised a perfect daughter. He doesn't need people spotting his perfect little daughter walking into a bad boy's house. But what do I say?

"Hey dad." I shouted from the railing of my staircase.

"Yes Kenz?" He said facing me from downstairs now.

"Harry can't come today."

"Why not?"

"He didn't say. He's asking if I could go over there..." I said slowly. His eyebrows furrowed and he shook his head in a matter of seconds. Is he predictable or is he not? I didn't care though because I didn't want to be caught dead in front of Harry Styles's house. Who knows what's in there. "So should I cancel?"

He chewed on his lip like he was deep in thought. "His history test is literally a few weeks away and I need him to pass or else he'll fail my class and honey, I really don't want him again."

"What are you saying?"

"I really don't know." He answered confused himself. I was mentally pleading for him to not actually consider sending me there. "Are you sure he can't come over?"

"You know how stubborn he is. Why don't you ask him?" I pointed out making him understand.

"Mackenzie, maybe you could sneak in without anybody seeing?" He suggested giving me a tilted smile. I widened my eyes and it was my turn to shake my head now.

"Dad, that's ridiculous. No way." I refused wanting to walk away but that would be too disrespectful.

"Mackenzie, I don't have time for this. Go. If there are no guardians there whatsoever, then just tell him to reschedule. If there are, you're staying."

"But what if someone sees me going in there? What will they think?" I frowned with my hands on my hips.

"Stop talking back, Kenz. Just go. Be careful and call me when you get there. I want to have a talk with his parents." Dad ordered walking away leaving me helpless.

I sighed and went to get ready choosing a black hoodie and black jeans so no one would recognize me. I didn't bother texting Harry back so I just walked out of my house breathing in and out. Out of all the houses on the block, his stood out. It was the biggest and most well crafted. It had a gate and a visible pool. You could easily tell he's far from being poor. I rang the bell on the gate and felt a camera watching me. I looked at it and waved guessing that someone probably was watching me. The gate opened and I was now strolling through the spacious area reaching the door to his house. I smiled sincerely when I saw a petite old woman open the door. She wore a smile on her face when she met my eyes.

"You must be Harry's tutor! He didn't tell me how beautiful you are." She grinned making me blush. "Come in sweetie." I walked in feeling like a bug due to the capacious inside. I was in awe. "Do you want any snacks?" Her voice was shaky due to her old age I assume but the room was full of the energy she was giving out. She was so...

Bright. Literally.

"No thank you." I answered smiling at her thoughtful manner. "I was actually expecting his parents because my dad wanted to talk to them."

"Oh, his parents are out at the moment." She leaned in closer and whispered. "They don't trust him to be alone so they left his old grandmother with him." She winked making me giggle. "Oh, I'm sorry. Harry's upstairs in his room. Anna, please take our guest to Harry." A maid greeted me and led me up the long, swirly flight of stairs. She knocked on a door.

"Mr. Styles?"


"Tutor's here."

"Send her in." He answered back. She opened the door for me and I thanked her.

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