Opposites Attract

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy. But, what happens when he falls hard for a good girl? Will he win her heart?


5. Chapter 5

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"Hey." I squeaked when Zayn opened the door. He smiled at me warmly with a slice of pizza in his hand.

"Hi! I ordered some pizza for us." He greeted letting me in. When I saw another kid in his living room scarfing down pizza, I smiled at him awkwardly and sat in a couch on the opposite side of him.

"Louis." He introduced himself with a mouth full of pizza. He brought out his hand for me to take.

"Mackenzie." I took it and lightly shook it. Zayn sat down on a couch and then offered me a plate. "No thanks."

"Oh come on. Take it!" Louis encouraged setting it on my lap. I shifted uncomfortably setting my bag down behind me, giving up.

"My family's not home at the moment so we have some time to kill." Zayn told taking a bite. "Do you want any drinks?"

"Water please?"

"Of course." He got up and instantly brought it to me. I took a sip and began to get more incommodious every minute we spent making small talk.

"Your dad's the biology teacher right?" Louis asked looking at me curiously.

"History. Yes." I nodded taking a small bite of my slice.

"She's gotta brain on her too. She's passing all of her classes and tutoring Harry in history." Zayn said impressed making my stomach go into knots because of how highly he was speaking of me.

"Well, not really." I muttered trying to be heard at the same time.

"Oh don't be modest! Weren't you supposed to skip a grade in elementary? You were in my class!" Louis screamed stunned and I jumped at his loudness. I nodded avoiding their gazes.

"Really? Did you?" Zayn asked intrigued getting another slice.

"Obviously not, bro." Louis answered for me. "Why not though?"

I shrugged. "No reason. Shouldn't we be studying, Zayn?"

"Did you steal my tutor, bro?" Harry's voice came from behind me making me stiffen up.

He's everywhere.

"Actually, yes. I need her for math." He answered finishing his slice and standing up. "Let's go study, Kenz." He smiled at me. I mentally thanked him because he obviously noticed me getting more awkward by the second. "Order another pizza if you'd like." He called back to Harry and Louis. I waved at Louis not wanting to be rude and he smiled in return. As we were walking to Zayn's room, I couldn't help noticing the spacious house.

Harry's P.O.V.

"That'll be fifteen sixty five." The pizza man said as I grabbed the box from him.

"Bye." I grinned innocently at him and closed the door without giving money.

"Haz!" Louis shouted giving me a stern look. He ran to the door and opened it, giving him a twenty. "Keep the change." He smiled and lightly shut the door again.


"Nothing." Louis shook his head grabbing the pizza from me. I shrugged and went to sit with him. "Mackenzie's a smart chick. Is she helping?"

I took the biggest piece of pizza that was in the box and groaned in delight when I took the first bite. "This is amazing."

"Is she?"


"Is the extra help helping you from Mackenzie?" He repeated staring at me.

"Oh. Too soon to tell." I answered getting up to get a drink. I opened Zayn's fridge and rummaged through it desperately in need of a refresher. "Does he have any sodas?!"

"Harry, come on man. You gotta pass this class. Take it serious." Louis nagged ignoring my desperation. I rolled my eyes at his worrying.

"Stop worrying."

"I'm not worrying. Battle of the bands is right around the corner and your parents won't let you go-"

"- If I don't pass my classes, yada yada yada. I know." I said irritated coming into realization.

"You're our lead singer. If you go down, so do we. Please take this serious." Louis's eyes bored into mine and I nodded my head.

"I'll try."

"With Mackenzie, I'm sure you'll improve. Girl's gotta brain on her."

"I know." I sighed losing my appetite because of all the thoughts that were now resurrecting.

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"Yes! Good job, Zayn." I smiled at his participation and ambition. He was doing great and made progress after the first ten minutes. "Soon you won't be needing me at all, which will probably be by tommorrow."

"Because of you! What aren't you good at?" Zayn laughed looking at me.

"Music." I mumbled annoyed and embarrassed.


"I'd probably stink at gym too but I don't have it." I shrugged.

"You don't have gym?"

"I did... But I made my dad transfer me out." I frowned in the memory. I felt like such a baby and so vulnerable. "It was either music or gym and since music involves taking quizzes and SOME sort of knowledge, it was that."

"Music isn't hard! I would know, I'm in a band." He stuck out his tongue playfully being cocky.

"I guessed that. I've been eyeing your drum set this whole time."

He laughed lightly at my remark. "I'm the drummer. Louis plays the piano. My friends Niall and Liam play the lead and bass guitarists and Harry's the singer."

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as to what I usually hear from Harry's house. "But Harry plays the drums, doesn't he?"

Zayn laughed a loud laugh and shook his head. "Kenz, he plays EVERYTHING. He plays the drums when he needs to release anger which is probably every other day." He joked but something told me that there was some truth behind it. I let that slide though. Harry's anger issues are not any of my concerns.


"We also have battle of the bands coming up. Which is why Harry needs to pass history. He's just REALLY bad at that class and no one knows why. He's decent in everything else. That's where you come in." He smiled.

"So you're saying that if he passes history, he can be in battle of the bands with you guys?"

"He's the glue that holds us together. If he collapses, so do we." He explained shrugging. His face shifted into no emotion, just blank. "He gets the most credit, attention," he lightly smiled, "girls.."

It seemed like everything Zayn was saying was some how turning into something personal. Something bothered him about Harry but I wasn't his therapist. I was his math tutor.

"Um, so every Friday, your place right? It seems Harry needs more tutoring than you, buddy." I quickly veered off topic not wanting it to get more than just learning. He snapped out of his thoughts and nodded his head getting back to work.

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