Opposites Attract

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy. But, what happens when he falls hard for a good girl? Will he win her heart?


4. Chapter 4

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

I pulled my headphones out of my ears, wrapping them around my IPod and walking to my locker. I opened it quietly, minding my own business as usual. I placed my IPod on the first shelf and pushed it back so no one would see it. I marked a day off from the calendar hung on the inside of my locker door. Four more days until a surprise pop quiz for my math teacher. I know this because I cracked her little pattern when she hands them out. Every time when it's the fourteenth on a Wednesday, she'll 'surprise' us. Math wasn't my BEST subject, but my teacher did love me. We maintained a good relationship through the years and I assume I'm her star student.

"Morning, beautiful!" Marley chirped in my ear. I jumped up a little and laughed at her perky attitude.

"Hi, sunshine." I smiled grabbing the necessary books out of my locker and then closing it shut. "Why so happy? Did Niall glance at you for approximately three seconds this time?"

"Very funny." She mocked lightly punching my shoulder. "But no, I just got voted captain of my lacrosse team."

"That's great." I sincerely said to her, smiling at her. "You deserve it."

"It's a lot of work though. I have to be better than all my team members or it'll look really bad and you know how good Cindy is." She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms annoyed.

"Cindy's not as good as you, Marles." I told her truthfully. Cindy was an uneducated dumb blonde who was also a spoiled brat. I never really had a problem with her but Marley always did and she never talks about it but Cindy put her through a lot. Bullying since elementary and stealing her guys and to make it worse, Cindy was almost in a relationship with Niall. Saying that Marles hated her would be an understatement. She always ignored her but Cindy would always pick fights with her. I always thought it was because she was jealous of her because Marley didn't know how pretty she truly was. She had the perfect body because of her athletic side, her naturally curly blonde hair would always lay on top of her shoulders, and then her tan skin made everything come together.

"But you're obligated to say that. You're my best friend." She pouted turning around to walk to class. I walked with her because our classes were on opposite sides of each other.

"Don't hate the truth." I grinned at her as she giggled a cute laugh. "Behave." I jokingly told her as she walked into class. She mocked me playfully and I walked into my class and grabbed a fresh pencil out of my bag getting ready for the lesson. I sat down ignoring the chitter chatter already rising from my classmates walking in. A boy from Harry's crew walked in and grabbed the seat next to me. I cleared my throat a little taken back by what he did. He looked at me and went to open his mouth but the bell rang interrupting him. The teacher walked in screaming for everyone to sit down and take out their notes from last time's class. I obliged and avoided his gaze. I didn't really like to encounter any of the boys from Harry's little group. They were all intimidating.

A note flopped onto my desk and I turned my head slowly from the direction it was flung from. His head jerked for me to open it and read it. I froze.

'I'm Zayn. I heard you tutor Harry? Can you tutor me in math..??'

I gulped thinking about what to say. I didn't want to decline because he seemed like a good guy unlike Harry. I looked at him and he half smiled. I bit my lip and nodded my head making him mouth 'thank you'. The girls behind me instantly started whispering when they saw mine and Zayn's little moment. I shrunk in my seat trying to drown out the noises. Another note fell on my desk from the opposite direction of Zayn's and this note, I was terrified of reading. It was from Amber and she had a smug grin on as if she was mentally stabbing me. I opened it not wanting to seem like a little coward and prepared for my already low self esteem to drop.

'Aw! First Harry and now Zayn? Might as well go for the whole football team Kenz! xoxo'

I winced at her remark. She just indirectly called me a tramp. I shuddered. I've been called many, many things but a slut was something I never encountered. Maybe it was because I never even had my first kiss? She started giggling with her two other friends and my throat went athirst. I haven't even said a word to Zayn and I'm already being judged. High school was torment at times. I left the note sitting on my desk just taunting me while I pretended that it didn't phase me. I scribbled down notes through out the rest of the class and every five minutes my eyes would glance at the clock. I wanted the staring and giggling to stop already. I took out my homework, planted it on my teacher's desk and sped out of the class five seconds before the bell rang not even bothering to look back.

"WAIT!" A voice called behind me. I came to a stop and turned around. Zayn stared at me concerned and I looked at the ground. "You okay?"

I nodded and went to turn around again but he grabbed my shoulder making me cringe. "Yes?" I tried to seem cool.

"Tonight, my place? Seven? He asked referring to our lesson. I nodded fine with it just wanting to get the hell out of that moment before more people give unwanted attention. I quickly walked down the hallway to enter my next class when I bumped into of course Harry. His height towered over me and I stuttered to say sorry because his eyes were boring into mine.

"Towel girl." He smirked walking around me. I struggled to answer back because his back was already to me so all I did was enter music class, a class that I actually didn't like. I was terrible at it. I'm not good at physical... Anything. We had to learn instruments and perform and those two were something I would rather die than do. Although I always pass the tests about composers and such, I wasn't good at the rest. My music teacher was the opposite of a stick in the mud. He was young and very lively. He knew how to play every instrument out there and everyone loved him.

"GOOD MORNING CLASS!" He shouted happily clapping his hands twice. His bright smile lightened up the room.

The students happily greeted him.

"Today's performing Thursday so-" I raised my hand and he smiled at me assuming something else. "Would you like to perform, Macaroni?" He playfully named me. I shook my head vigorously and his face fell.

"It's Tuesday." I corrected looking down.

"Well, let's pretend it's Thursday.." He winked making the class laugh. "Who wants to go?"

Everyone roared with excitement flailing their hands in the air. People were so enthusiastic in this class and I was always the odd pea. Mr. Obletz of course noticed my lack of participation and was often concerned.

"Can I?" A voice said. The class looked to the door and saw Harry.

"Sorry kid, you're not in this class."

Harry held up a note and flashed a smirk.

"Now I am."

He had transferred and you could feel all the girls around you mentally dying and the boys rolling their eyes. "Welcome aboard, um?"


"Harry." Mr Obletz gave a warm smile. "Which instrument would you like?"

"Any is fine." He shrugged cockily enjoying the attention he was gaining from everyone.

"Oh, so we have a professional?" The teacher said happily. "Why don't you grab the guitar?"

"Kay." He did as told and sat on a stool facing everyone. He carefully held the guitar and smirked at the audience. He knew he was going to do great. His confidence was one thing I envied. "I wrote this song with my band and yeah, it's the shit." The girls giggled at his remark and stared at him obviously intrigued. I glanced at Obletz and he nodded his head already taking a liking to him. For a split second I saw him look at me and I immediately looked away.

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