Opposites Attract

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy. But, what happens when he falls hard for a good girl? Will he win her heart?


3. Chapter 3

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"Hey, we're having- Styles? What're you doing here? You're 3 hours early." My dad said obviously befuddled at the scene right now. Harry sitting cross legged on my bed staring at the pages and me sitting at a safe distance from him.

"Sorry.." He said insincerely. "I have band practice so I couldn't have made it that time." Harry shrugged, flipping his curly locks to the left of his head.

"Well, make sure you study hard." Dad glared at me assuring to do so. My grade depends on this and he knows that but so does Harry's.

"Uh, can I talk to you for a minute, daddy?" I innocently grinned pushing my dad out of the room. "Dad! He's already being an ass." I pouted crossing my arms.

"Learn to deal with it somehow. I did."

"Why can't you do it again?" I whined frowning.

"Sweetheart, I have a hard enough time making him come to detention."

"Then what makes you think I'm capable of boosting up his grade?!"

"You did it before, you can do it again with a new student. Mackenzie, you're his age and you guys will understand each other more."

I scoffed. "Dad, we're complete opposites."

He rolled his eyes when he heard Eva calling for him. "Gotta help with dinner, please try your best, Kenz. I have faith in you, Kay?" He kissed my forehead quickly and then made a run for it. I crossed my arms against my chest and stood there annoyed. "LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN!" Dad yelled from downstairs and I lightly chuckled to myself.

"Alright, did you read?" I got back into my room giving my undivided attention to Harry. I don't want to let my dad down and even though I've just met Harry, him either. Deep inside, I know he cares. So, here's to the next hour and a half.


"Are we done?" He grunted palming at his curly locks out of frustration. Why is HE frustrated? I'm the one tutoring.

"Yes." I sighed giving the poor kid a break. Even though we have merely twenty minutes left, he didn't want to be here as much as I didn't want to teach him. He gives me weird vibes and we're nothing alike. Maybe if he was actually decent to be around. So, I told him he could leave and he jumped up from the bed and just walked out of my room like nothing. I shook my head thinking about the next who knows how many months. It's too soon to tell if he has the ambition but as of now, he could care less. Hey, if I was one of the most popular kids in the school and everyone and anyone wanted to get near me, I wouldn't care either. But I'm not and maybe only a few people know my name. But, I'm not complaining because I like being unknown. It takes pressure of doing and being what everyone expects. All I have to worry about is making my dad happy and that's what's going to happen.

I started my homework as soon as I cleaned up the books that were sprawled on my bed. Homework was actually a piece of cake to me. I paid enough attention in school to do my homework in less than ten minutes and it was a good time killer. I smiled at the text Marley had sent me while I was in the middle of reading a book I've read about fifteen times.

Marley:): How was tutoring THE Harry Styles?

Me: He's not really bright... I answered back honestly.

Marley:): Sweety, he doesn't need to be bright when he has every girl in this whole town on his ass okay, all he's gotta do is keep his pretty face pretty :p

I laughed at her statement.

Me: Well that's great for him, but unfortunately for me I have to see his 'pretty face' every 3 days a week for one hour and a half.

Marley:): Do you hear that? That's millions of girls crying cuz you get to tutor HIM. Lucky you ;)

Me: it's nothing special, honestly. If you want, I can get to know about Niall? For you :)

Marley:): I love you

Me: How can you not? :p

I laughed and put the phone down getting back to my book. Time flew and it was finally time for dinner.

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