Opposites Attract

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy. But, what happens when he falls hard for a good girl? Will he win her heart?


10. Chapter 10

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"I'm not going if that little slut Cindy is going." Marley crossed her arms, sitting on my bed. "She's not. Niall's not even interested in her." I assumed in an attempt to make her feel better. "Kenz, if he really is with Cindy, I guess I'm not his type."

"You're too good for him anyways. But at least he stopped Cindy and you from fighting."

"Yeah, he saved his precious little girlfriend from getting her precious little face fucked up." She swore already getting boiled from the thought. "Anyways," she snapped out of it, "Let's find you heels and a nice outfit to wear tonight."

"Marley, I'm not wearing heels again. Niall's house is literally just four blocks away. Why do I need to dress up? It's not a party."

"Don't you want to look good for Harry?" She cooed rummaging through my closet. I gagged and she stared at me in awe. "You can't possibly tell me you're not attracted to Harry in any sort of way."

"Uh, yes I can. He's not all that." I honestly said.

"Oh please." She rolled her eyes not convinced.

"We're complete opposites."

"Opposites attract." She winked at me. "Besides, look at you and me. We're opposites but we still want to spend every waking moment with each other." I shook my head once again letting her know I'm not interested in him or anyone. She stood in front of my closet for the longest time, just staring. When I finally got impatient, I shoved her out of the way and grabbed any two things out. I didn't care about how I looked to their house. "Mackenzie." She whined seeing my choice of clothing.

I gave her a questioning look. What was so bad about this outfit? "I have converse that go perfectly with this." I defended making her giggle after holding a straight face.

"Fine, fine." She stated waving her hand brushing my appearance out of her head. "You'd look cute in that anyways." She smiled making me smile out of her tone.

"What are you wearing? A gown?" I playfully asked making her glare at me. She grabbed her bag out and pulled out a pretty crop top that would reveal her belly button but capture her figure beautifully, and then a plain denim skirt that would show off her long, tanned, legs. She spread them out on my bed and then pulled out a pair of sneakers that would bring out her skin tone. I was debating whether it was too much or not. But then I remembered that when Marley isn't wearing her lacrosse uniform, she wears stuff like that. "That's perfect, you'll look great. Niall will love it." I winked making her scrunch her face up.

"Not really interested in whether Niall likes it or not." She shrugged.

"Is that so?" I raised my eyebrows at her incredulously. She nodded getting me convinced but still not enough. I looked at the time noticing we had a mere two hours until we had to get changed and leave the house. "Do you wanna take a shower before we go? You can use my towel." I offered. She nodded gratefully and walked into my bathroom taking her cute outfit with her. I grabbed my book to start reading when my phone vibrated.

Your coming right? -Harry

I rolled my eyes at his poor use of grammar. I was beginning to wonder why he doesn't have a tutor to just help him with everything. But I'd rather not recommend that to anyone because something tells me that unlucky tutor will be me.

*You're* and yes. Marley's taking a shower right now, we'll be there in two hours.

I answered back and went back to getting consumed in my book. After a good ten minutes, when I was sucked into a reality that wasn't even close to mine, my phone vibrated getting me annoyed.

whatever. don't bother bringing your books tho. no point cus we're definitely not gonna be studying ;)

I wrinkled my nose at his text. What is that supposed to mean? So basically it's just a get together at Niall's house? What is the point of that? I can have more fun sitting in my bed, reading books, and watching movies. Plus, there's probably gonna be a lot more people there other than just us. I'm not a party person.

Whose going to be there?

Harry's P.O.V.

"Yo, whose coming tonight?" I called at Niall who was setting up snacks on the table. It was weird how Niall was always the one to be unprepared for any kind of hang out but this time he was preparing before any of the other guests came. Not even the boys were here, it's just me and him at the moment. I laughed at his attempt to clean the house by taking a broom and slamming it on the ground repeatedly. "You're doing it wrong." I took the broom from him and swiftly gather up all the dust that were on the ground. Dust, chips, crumbs, popcorn, etc. "Wait who's coming again?"

"Marley and Mackenzie only. They don't really like Cindy, so she isn't an option." He answered chuckling at the end. I nodded remembering the almost fight they encountered in the hallway. I was watching from a distance and noticed how heated Marley got when she saw Cindy. After Niall stopped it, the comment Mackenzie shouted made me smile for some weird reason.

"Are you even with Cindy?" I inquired actually curious. What exactly were they?

He shrugged placing the sodas into his fridge. "We're nothing serious. I'm single."

I passed him true broom confused. "What's the point of that then?"

He raised one eyebrow at me. "What's the point of you and Amber?" He challenged getting me uncomfortable. I didn't meet his eyes but looked for something else to do around the house.

"Are you even with her?" He mocked playfully.

"Amber, Marissa, Kaitlyn, Christina, Becca..." I named making him burst out in laughter getting my point. I never stuck with one girl and the boys knew that. Nothing was ever serious with me. Grades or girls, I didn't care. I just liked to have fun and get down and dirty. Could you blame me?

"Alright, I get it, I get it." Niall waved me off searching for anything that had to be cleaned. I was good at this because I always helped out my GiGi with cleaning because her back would hurt.

"Have you got your eye on someone?"

"Nah." He lied making me glare at him unconvinced. I threw a rag at him causing laughter to escape his mouth. "Don't lie. Who?"

"I'm not sure. I don't think she's interested." He sort of frowned just having the thought of it. He started to wipe the table repeatedly. I already knew who it was he was crushing on. Most definitely Marley. Like I said, Niall never prepared for anything and yet for some reason he's doing it today. Or... It could be Mackenzie and I don't know why but that kind of bothered me.

"Then make her." I answered like it was the most obvious answer and it was.

"Oh boys!" Louis's voice rang throughout the whole place. "We are ready to party!"

"Are the girls here yet?" Liam asked looking around.

"Woah, you guys cleaned up." Zayn said stunned at the whole new look.

"Nope, they're coming like two hours later. Maybe earlier." I answered Liam's question.

"Alright, in the meantime let's go practice our songs for the battle of the bands." Louis stated in a not suggestive tone. We groaned in unison and a irritated expression creeped on his face.

"Lou, that's two months from now." Niall pouted still checking if everything was in place. "Besides, I have to clean up this place before they get here."

"We have two hours until they get here, Niall. Only for thirty minutes okay? Let's go." Louis nagged. "LET'S GO! MARCH!" He shouted resembling a dictator as we obeyed him.

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"You look stunning. Niall will be drooling." I smiled at my gorgeous best friend from the mirror as she sucked in her stomach taking a sharp breath.

"Not that I care." She rolled her eyes grabbing her bag and then looking at me. "Ready?"

I sighed shutting off my room light. "As ever."

We started walking to Niall's house which was across from Liam's feeling anxious as ever. It's nearly dark and I have been feeling nothing but anxiety because of what I am committing tonight. If I get caught, God knows. I cannot believe I let myself get into this.

"Whose going to be there?" She linked her arm through mine and I shrugged taking out my phone from my back pocket to see if Harry had texted back but nothing.

"He didn't answer when I asked."

"What if Cindy's there, Kenz." The anger lingered in her eyes as she brought her name up.

"Then we walk right out. If you don't want to be there, neither do I."

She looked at me. "Yeah, no. You're just looking for a way out of their house because you're a daddy's girl."

"AM NOT!" I stomped making her laugh at my sudden burst of tiny tantrum when she called me that.

"Are too. Now look presentable, we're here." She let down my hair touching it up when we got to the doorbell and I rang it waiting for an answer. "HELLO?" She screamed but getting no answer in return.

"Guess they're not here. Let's go." I rushed walking down the steps but then Marley grabbed my arm back making me cry out in defeat.

"Shh! Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" I asked ignoring the sound of instruments playing knowing it was Harry's band. I just really didn't want to be here.

"It's them. They're..." She walked to the back of the house, leading me behind her when we saw a gate.

"It's locked. Better go home now." I turned back around but the creek of the door opening stopped me and I faced a happy Marley. When she went through it, I screamed.

"Marley, that's trespassing!"

"Not when we're invited. Come on, they're never going to hear the doorbell when they're playing as loud as that."


"-No. Follow me." She ordered. We walked down and stepped on dead leaves trying not to make such a ruckus doing so. "I see them!" She whisper shouted happily getting me nervous. "They're so cute. Aw. Zayn with his head banging the drums." I laughed at her comment and pushed her from her spot making her visible to the boys. They stopped playing when they saw her and she smiled nervously surprised at my action. I bit my lip from laughing out loud.

"Marley! Hey!" Niall greeted her smiling. "Where's Mackenzie?"

"Right there." She growled pointing at me. I couldn't help it, I giggled. I giggled so much that when I went to greet them, I couldn't even control my laughter. Her face when she fell, oh my gosh. I waved at them after I caught my breath.

"Glad you could make it, Kenz." Zayn smiled, taking me in for a hug. I wrapped my arms around him hesitantly not sure how to respond. I didn't really get hugs from guys other than my dad so this would be kind of hard to get used to. When he pulled back, Louis came to give me a hug and I accepted hugging him with my arms around his neck because of his height. He wasn't as tall as the other ones and it was adorable. Next was Liam and since I wasn't so familiar with him, I gave him a toothy grin and a wave. I glanced at Harry and he winked at me with a smirk. My face pulled a disgusted look as if on impulse. I didn't even plan on it being so blunt, it just happened. Tiny droplets of water sparkled on their face obviously being sweat.

"I love your outfit." Liam said looking me up and down happily.

"You both look adorable." Niall commented eyeing Marley.

Marley grimaced at me when she noticed Niall checking her out and I laughed knowing she was secretly enjoying it because of her red cheeks.

"You guys sounded great." I complimented with Marley now by my side agreeing.

"Did you like it?" Louis asked with big eyes and my heart melted because of how much of a little kid he looked like.

"I can honestly say that that was awesome." I answered truthfully. "Sorry for barging in... You guys weren't opening the door when we rang the bell."

"We're sorry. LOUIS forced us to practice for thirty minutes but it ended up being longer. Let's go inside." Niall said leading us inside. Marley's mouth was shut the majority of the time and I was beginning to get irritated. She dragged me here only to be the only one actually talking meanwhile I'm the socially awkward one here. I nudged her shoulder as we walked to the living room giving her a questioning look.

"Be happy Cindy's not here." I reminded seeing her face brighten up a little bit. "Oh and give Niall a break." She shrugged.

"I thought we'd do something fun to start a nice party so I had..." Niall rummaged through a box and then finally found what he was looking for. He turned around, "KARAOKE IN MIND!" Holding two microphones. I froze as everyone else laughed and cheered. Singing? "Who wants to go first?"

"Harry, go." Louis encouraged patting his back. He agreed like it was no big deal and took the microphone out of Niall's hand.

"Who else?"

"Mackenzie!" Marley shouted my name. I vigorously shook my head furious at her action. "Payback for before." She whispered.

"No thanks." I refused.

"COME ON!" Liam begged. "MACKENZIE, MACKENZIE, MACKENZIE!" Everyone else changed my name. I gulped standing up from a couch as Niall handed me a microphone.

"Good luck." He winked before sitting down next to Marley. "It's shuffle so it's going to go to a random duet song, Kay? Ready?" Niall cooed.

I think I'm going to barf.

My throat went dry as Niall clicked a button. The words 'You're My Only Shorty' by Ariana Grande featuring Iyaz popped up in bright colors on the screen. Everyone clapped pleased with the song choice and Harry smiled getting me annoyed. I was familiar with this song, very familiar because I was obsessed with the Demi Lovato version for a few weeks. I glared at Marley but she kept laughing. The music started and I swallowed the lump in my throat getting ready. I brought the microphone to my mouth and sang.

Last night was crazy, and today it's settin' in

Did you really mean it and could you say it again? Oh, oh

Even if you just say it over the phone (come on and make it real)

I glanced at everyone after the first few seconds I finished and their mouths were open, even Harry's.

Love makes me crazy, restless, dumb, and paranoid (oh, yeah)

But I'll take a chance on us and hope you don't destroy my heart

Whatchu say, boy? I finished my parts breathing out the nervousness because... It sort of felt good? I smiled lightly when I saw Zayn give me a thumbs up.

Your my only shorty! Harry sang behind me making me jump up. Everyone howled.

"You're my only shorty, yee yee yee

I'm tellin' you the truth

Girl, it's only you

You're my only, you're my only

"You're my only one and only" He said every single word with his eyes boring into mine. He stood in front of me and he was so close that I felt his hot breath. He continued the chorus as I got ready to belt out.

"Your my only shorty!" He sang again taking my hands in his cheekily.

"Am I your only shorty?" I sang back this time with confidence, taking my hand out if his.

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