Hi I'm marcley Leann Dallas I'm 16 I m 4'3 I have long brown hair and hazel eyes I have a brother named Cameron Michel Dallas he is 17 he has brown hair brown eyes he is 5'4 and I have one more brother named Taylor he is 4'3 he has short brown hair and hazel eyes he is my long lost twin right now his last name is caniff and he is friends with my brother but he has no clue were twins or that cam is his brother I have a crush on Matthew espinosa and Hamilton grier (nash) I'm not shure why my life was planned out this way but it was and no one can stop it but god him self


3. I love em

Marcy's pov

Ok idk why but I got adopted like the day I got hear and they actully like me like I'm already calling them daddy and mum even tho there names are Annie and Geoff I like them a lot but what about dad my real dad he cared for me he loved me and I just left him damn I'm such a worthless kid I went in my bathroom and pulled out my razor pulled down my pants I looked at my thigh it was cut up I found a spot that was clear and I cut it I bled for about a min then I put a band aid on it when some one opend the door it was mum wwwhat are u dddoing she said we'll iiii I'm befor I could finish she said U CUT UR SELF BABY COME HEAR GIVE ME A HUG and befor I new it I was crying in her lap telling her my life story truth is I loved her she was my mum my real mum even tho she did not have me or help make me I felt closer with her than my real mum she helped me clean up then I left to the park I was Txting on a bench when some middle sized light skinned boy with brown/ blond hair and brown/light brown/green/hazel eyes he was cute he sat next to me and we started talking WE HIT IT OFF befor I new it he was asking for my number we exchanged numbers and left I ran home and I waited for him to txt me first.


mE= Matthew

mE-are you up Marcy?

M-yeah I'm up lol why?

mE-I was just asking lol

M-lmao ok then so do u wanna come over for dinner?

mE-umm yeah shure let me ask my dad


mE-yeah I can go lol what time?

M-umm 7:00

mE-your funny you eat supper that late

M- lol yeah it's only my 3 day in my house

mE-what do u mean 3day in ur house

M-they adopted me and my twin brother and my older brother we were abused at are house bye are mum and stepdad but are real dad was nice.

mE-oh that's bad but I'm adopted to that's why my parents are 21 and 27 and I'm 16 lol.

M-lol cool that's funny kinda

mE-lol do u wanna stay the night at my house? Tonight

M-umm yeah shure lol after we eat at my house we can walk to ur house lol

mE-yeah lol ok we'll bye see u later Marc.

M- bye Matt

I put my phone down and went to tell my mum that I had a friend and stuff she said I was just like her daughter Kara she gave me some of Kara's clothes and put em in a bag and told me to be safe but still have fun that's when I had to tell her me and Matt were JUST FRIENDS she was laughing cuz she got me we'll she loved me for me and I loved her for that.

Matthews pov

Mum gess what I saw a girl at the park and I talked to her were like friends now and she invited me to dinner so I invited her to stay the night but were like best friends so were not gonna do anything bad so don't assume that ok and when she comes over don't imbarasse me or nothing ok just be calm and jentle with kind eyes and care u no becouse if she's willing to is date her and I'm guessing ud like her alote cuz I do and were sleeping in my room ok? I said uhh yea yea Matthew it's ok that's fine at 6:45 I started walking to her house we are chicken with cheesy rice and some Pepsi it was good then we walked to my house we watched a movie then went in my room umm do u play video games? I asked duh lol she said we played call of duty for 3 hr then we watched the sinister she got scared and we cuddled she fell asleep on my chest I pulled the blanket over us and went to kiss her forehead when she looked up and I backed away I just layed down and went to sleep when like at 3am she got up and screamed I shot up and looked at her she looked at me and layed down I layed down to then she grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to her ouch she said somthing poked me (it's not dirty lol ) I looked down and it was my controler oh lol sorry I said she looked at me and said ur my bestfriend Matt I love you I looked at her and said awe I love you to besti

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