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This story has no blurb I want to dedicate this book to my sister Can all of you retweet the link that is in the bio of zayns_cheek Zayn loves you <3


63. chapter 59

Zayn was clicking some pics with fans that I don't know how came inside , well I must directioner got the power he winked at me twice and I felt myself blushing , till liam caught my eye and started loud enough so evryone could hear " something did happen right?"

"Well.." i slowly held up my ring finger. The boys burst out in cheers and started clapping. Till harry pointed out the necklace and came to hug me and whisperd together , he made me blush and started he loves you a lot isn't it and and I replied he loves me more then moon and back till he asked and you ? I replied zayn stays in my heart and that's where I live together !!!

Till zayn came and hugged me from back and whispered what happened darling ?? I started to blush and told that how they reacted after seeing the ring and he blushed

Zayn p.o.v.

We finally arrived at the hotel and security got all of our luggage and carried them up to our rooms. Nargis and i sat in bed and relaxed a bit till she started you have no idea how I missed to lie down with you and tell all the things I had in mind

but got interrupted by my phone ringing. "One second sweetie." i grabbed my phone out of my pocket then answered it. "Yes Lou.." i said . "We're watching a movie, you guys should down and join us. "We're kinda tired Lou and we really just wanna sleep

"Fine you guys will be missing all the fun.." he was trying his best to make us change our minds. I held my hand over the phone for a minute, "Do you wanna go love?" i asked for Nargis permission. " I uncovered my phone, "Alright. Fine we're coming." i said sighing into the phone.

I heard Louis let out a 'yes' then told the boys we were coming. "Come on princess," i held her hands and made our way out from the room from all the luggage cause we haven't even unpacked but thanks to Louis we can't sleep ...... .

We walked in hand in hand and sat down on a couch. "They're here!" Liam yelled letting Louis know it was time to start the movie. "Oh Nargis out late? Such a rebel!" Niall smirked. "Hell yeah! You guys know i'm a night owl!" she carried on making

us erupt in laughter.

Nargis's hair fell perfectly over her face, and her smile was so beautiful. She was an angel sent just for me . Louis walked in interrupting my thoughts and started the movie. I saw Nargis stiffen up a bit. "Its just a movie." i leaned over and whispered in her ear. She calmed down, but moved closer to me.

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