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58. chapter 54

I called nargis but she didn't picked up I smiled at the voice mail she still hasn't changed it !!! Ohh how I miss her till niall came in I asked what should I do he replied " well call her mate and tell her you wanna meet her or message her shell surly reply " I sighed and typed

To:nargis- I have to meet you it's urgent !!!!

In no seconds the reply came

From:nargis-meet me at Covent garden at 6

I smiled at the message because that's where near Krispy Kreme our first un-official date was .....

I checked the time it was almost 5:30 I told boys about it and they all cheered up

I ran to take a cab.......

Honestly i was more excited to see Nargis then i should have been. Don't get me wrong i didn't want to even lay an eye on her, but i kinda had to. I read the text over and over again, Meet me at Covent Garden at 6 . - nargis

"Just keep it cool Zayn ... don't shout at her as soon as you see her. Stay calm." i mumbled to myself. I was trying, with every bone in my body, to act like an adult in this situation.. The park was just ahead. As i entered the park i looked around to find Nargis . And then i saw her. She was sitting on a nearby bench looking her usual gorgeous self. Her beautiful brown hair was flowing down her face and her dark brown eyes were shining in the sunlight. She had one leg crossed on top of the other and as i walked towards her our eyes met each other's in no time

You look nice " she said as if we were meeting for a picnic or something I rolled my eyes but still found myself blushing

Whatever Nargis ." i rolled my eyes and stuffed my hands deep in my pockets. "I try to be nice and in return thats what i get? Real mature Zayn.." she scoffed. "We aren't here to talk about how 'nice' i look and you know that!

"Your the one who left me, yeah real mature nargis !" for all of the anger that was built inside of me i was doing a hell of a good job keeping calm with her. "This is stupid. We obviously made a mistake meeting here today, and i have other things to do so-" she started to get up but i stopped her. "No. Your gonna sit here and talk like civilized people

Fine, go ahead Zayn . Tell me how you regret being with me and how horrible i am, tell me how much better off you are without me and how you wish you never even met me. If that would make you satisfied, then go on and tell me Zayn." her eyes filled with tears. "Now you know thats one thing i would never tell yo-" she cut me off by quickly getting up and... kissing me. And i didn't stop her, "What was that for?" i asked pulling away. "I want to be there for You ! I really do, it's just i'm so sorry zayn ." she's aid covering her face with all the tears

Those were the eyes she used on me when she wanted me to forgive her. It definitely always used to work. "I have a flight to catch." i said barely above a whisper. still stunned by the kiss she gave me, and deep waaayyyyyy deep down inside i knew i'd missed her lips on mine. I knew i needed Nargis more than but how was i just supposed to forgive her? As much as i tried to shrug off that kiss a little very little voice kept telling me something and I fell In love with her all over again

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