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56. chapter 52


The following morning i woke up without Nargis by my side. Instead there was a note to take her place,

Dear zayn

This is goodbye i" m leaving

You haven't done anything. Its just that yesterday made me realize that maybe i need to focus on my dreams. What i want to do with myself. Your an amazing person, and i'm sure you'll make a great boyfriend, and then husband for someone else. But not me. The ring and the necklace is downstairs in the living room on the side table .

~ Nargis

Flashback over

I ripped the note to pieces and instantly tears fell from my eyes. How could she be so selfish?! Nargis took it to far this time and i could never forgive her for this. I didn't think i would push her this far. To where she would just leave and fulfill her own needs.

Tears were flowing from my eyes I couldn't stop still shocked and barely able to move was it my fault to confess my love for her that much I told her the truth that I needed her is it all my fault !!!!!

"I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" i shouted, the anger showing clear in my voice. I was screaming and yelling as if she was here. She wasn't and now I knew how she really was.

It was all a lie. Wasn't it ???

All the dates, the laughs, the memories, everything.

Any chance i got i tried calling Nargis

One ring

Two rings

Straight to voicemail.

"Hey! Its Narg- AH ZAYN STOP TICKLING ME!" "Hello this is Zayn, Nargis can't get to her phone right now because she's to busy lovin' me! Call back later!" Truth is i knew she wasn't going to pick up. I just wanted to hear the voicemail.

Damn I love her that much

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