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55. chapter 51

* 1 year later *

I woke up to the sound of small snorings , and saw my head on zayns chest and he was sleeping I smiled at the thought that we are together since a year and half after all the things we've been through the hate , the fame , the tours and most importantly love

I shaked zayn a bit as his second tour take me home was about to start so he had to go for recordings I was about To get up till he pulled me back and started you know how I hate to leave you alone I replied I know but we can't help it can we he pulled me closer and pecked my cheek he got up and was brushing his teeth I also ran and stated to brush just to annoy me if I was taking the brush right he also took right he started to copy me he started to laugh till I started mister are you trying to copy me he stated to laugh so badly that he fell on the floor

And started todo something on the phone till I stated zayn put down the phone please breakfast is ready till he replied oh ! Ya just a sec doing a follow spree till I replied Oh boy they will be going crazy .....

-------------------------after the day at night --------------------------

Zayn came home and I don't know why just stormed into the room I ran upstairs knocking on the door as he locked it and horrible sounds were coming as if something is breaking

He finally opened the door crying I entered the room to see everything in thousand pieces

I'm sorry he said I asked what's the matter he sat down on the bed I rubbed his back till he started it's the management I-its fine," i tucked my hair behind my ear and got out of bed. Just before leaving the room i turned around, "When do you leave?" i asked. "Tomorrow" he shakingly replied

I just have one question... will you come with me? 1 day is just to short to spend with you," he said just above a whisper. I hesitated a bit. No matter how much i wanted to go with Zayn i couldn't! "You know i have goals in life too!"

I tried making him understand that I also wanna be something when I grow up I have my own dreams too

Till zayn shouted I don't care I really want you there with me , I felt a tear roll down my face ........this was the first time zayn shouted on me

No zayn I can't do this your the one whose living the dream while I'm here looking after myself on my own while your gone and now I'm going to my dream college I have my entrance exam tommorow I can't and I won't I've seen myself like something on my own I just won't ...... I shouted back

-next day -

Zayn p.o.v.

The following morning i woke up without Nargis by my side. Instead there was a note to take her place,

Dear zayn

This is goodbye i" m leaving

You haven't done anything. Its just that yesterday made me realize that maybe i need to focus on my dreams. What i want to do with myself. Your an amazing person, and i'm sure you'll make a great boyfriend, and then husband for someone else. But not me. The ring and the necklace is downstairs in the living room on the side table .

~ Nargis

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