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49. chapter 47


I walked out of the room and went to Lunch I went and sat at my regular table With Poorvi. Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn. We all started eating and talking. Then Zack came and sat down with us.

Flashback over

He started "oh c'mon I just want to be friends that's all "

"ZACK GET THE FUCK OFF OR ELS-......" Zayn started to yell but I put my hand over his mouth.

"Okay. I will just Leave." He said and started to get up.

"Just sit down." I said and sighed.

"I knew it." He said quietly.

"Knew what." I asked.

"That You LOOOVVVEEE me." He said.and winked me

"That's not true now you can leave." I said but I started to blush.

"You do like him don't you." Zayn asked.

"No I love you zayn trust me." I said and Kissed him in front of everyone. He pulled away and smiled.

"Okay." He said and started eating.

"Okay I am leaving but Nargis later I want to talk to you... alone." He said and walked off.

"Whatever." I said and started eating.

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