Love <3

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4. chapter 4

Next day...

I woke up , and stretched my arms opened my phone and realized that I have no time for day dreaming today as it's already 7:45 I quickly got up went bathroom brushed my teeth while my tub was filling I went out to my wardrobe and picked the perfect clothes for today that was a black crop top that said "love" with golden and a neon pink shorts thankfully our ice-cream parlour didn't had any uniform because our boss said be colourful I quickly had bath locked the house and ran for a taxi

_________________skip the car ride _____________________

I finally reached and paid 10 for ride I opend the shop and waited for zayn to come when I saw him parking his bike I was so excited for today. I actually can't express my feelings. He snapped me from my day dreaming just by saying "hi" in his accent I blushed a bit and replied hi he bit his lip I don't know why does he do that does he want to kill me !!??!? Well I replied " we have to wait for others that day when you came everyone went early and I stayed because I had to meet you

Till then Stacy came I introduced her to zayn while they were talking I saw everyone coming that is - Greg , Riley , Danielle and Tessa ( my best friend )

I introduced zayn to everyone while I was doing it I saw Stacy staring zayn like hell personally I got jealouse because zayn is mine I know he doesn't know that I like him but I am not a fool because Stacy could get any hot guy she wants because she works for x-factor in boot camp she teaches dance so I won't pass up zayn like that I didn't know that everyone is staring me because I froze while I was introducing and was staring Stacy though Greg handeld it and said let's go in everyone and tessa came running to me and snapped me out of my thought and started " HE IS SOOO HOT !!!! I wish I could have hi-" I cut her off and me being the one crazy for zayn replied " sorry love he's taken better try someone else ". She giggled a bit and said " you totally like him don't you " well I started while I was blushing like tomatoe red it till Greg breaked our conversation and said " you two stop fangirling over zayn he's normal " we both giggled a bit again Greg said " can we go to work now ladies please ?!?! " we three laughed and entered the parlour. I quickly took my apron and threw one to Tess ( short of tessa is Tess ) we both helped eachother tying from back and went to ice-cream counter we both were whispering in eachothers ear about zayn till this time zayn himself broke out coughing we both stood there in shock I hesitatingly asked "zayn did you heard what we were saying" he replied " why would I hear" we both sighed in relief and he again started "GIRLS !?!? " we both replied " yes " he said I think we have customers pointing to two small girls I laughed a bit and asked what they wanted after what they wanted

______________________skip the day ___________________

Zayn and I was alone in the parlour because everyone had to leave early I was cleaning the spoons while I saw zayn coming to me asking " aren't you tired love ? " I replied " no it's my routine why zayn are you " he laughed a bit I don't know why but when I made him laugh I felt like I was the happiest person in the world " he replied well missy if you are done can I ask you for what I came here " I started " why not " " well I was thinking if you need my help??" Well I started you rest for sometime big boy I'll do the utinsils" he sighed a but and then sat when I was done with spoons he came and asked that if Ige could do the knifes I said no I'll do relax " well" he started " I left out one last table so I am gonna do that if you need my help just call me ok ?? " I said zayn chill with that he went when I started washing the knifes I don't know what got into me I started to think about zayn until my finger was hurting when I snapped out of my " thinking " I saw a big cut on my finger and bleeding like hell I screamed a bit "ouch "not wanting to zayn to know about this but I saw him coming him in tension and when he saw my finger he went mad wen he held my finger butterflies were flying in my stomach I was just staring at him while he washed my finger full of blood he said " nargis !! Nargis are you alright " I started " zayn calm down I am fine relax "" well missy you sit Down here now I'll wash the utinsils And that's final " he said with a cute puppy face I couldn't resist that face and sat down while he was doing it the utinsils for me until he came up to me " love can we go or you wanna sit here ??" I think we can go. I shyly said "ok let's go big boy he again giggled a bit and made me feel special once again. When I locked the door and was about to go I saw zayn coming to

Me asking if he could drop and I simply replied " if you want" and he said " I always want to "

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