Love <3

This story has no blurb I want to dedicate this book to my sister Can all of you retweet the link that is in the bio of zayns_cheek Zayn loves you <3


3. chapter 3

Once we got to my house I was holding on to Zayn so tight that his leather jacket got wrinkles from where I was holding I let go off and said " thank you and sorry for your jacket " he started " it's ok if you did it" I thanked him once more and went till the time he said No problem tell me if you need another one."

"Okay" I said

"I know this is crazy but could I get your number." He said. I stood there shocked for a minute He wants my number? I was freaking on the inside but I played it cool on the outside.

"Sure here I gave him my number still shocked and watched him pull down the driveway. I walked inside and went to the living room for a minute. Then I got up and went to the kitchen and made Maggie When I was done I went to the bathroom And got in the shower, I was in the shower for about ten minutes then I got out and put on pajamas and sat in bed and got out my phone I saw I already had a text from Zayn.

From:zayn-hey ;)

To:zayn-hi :)

From:zayn-what are u doing ?? :)

To:zayn-watching T.V, and talking. Lol?!? What about you ;)

From:zayn- watching tv

To:zayn-well I need to go talk to you later bye :) goodnight sweetdreams.

From:zayn-bye but wait what school.??

To:zayn-yours ;)

I put my phone down and fell asleep....

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