Love <3

This story has no blurb I want to dedicate this book to my sister Can all of you retweet the link that is in the bio of zayns_cheek Zayn loves you <3


27. chapter 26

Zayn had a quick bath and I locked the doors he opened the car"s door for me till I sat and closed he opend the door And sat on the drivers seat and started where missy ?? Unless my phone made a tring noise I checked my phone and saw a new text it was from my mom that said " hi cupcake I'm coming tommorw pick me up at 4 :)"

I was so excited till zayn stated " what's the matter love " I started well my mum and dad are coming tommorow after a long time so I have to pick them till 4 tommorow he cheered for me but soon his smile faded away I asked "what happend " he started " does it mean I won't be able to meet you that much " I started " I can talk to her and we can keep a dinner and you all can talk so that they can know you even better " he smiled and said " yeah that's a good idea but I'm nervous to meet your father what if he doesn't like me?? What if- "

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