Love <3

This story has no blurb I want to dedicate this book to my sister Can all of you retweet the link that is in the bio of zayns_cheek Zayn loves you <3


21. chapter 20

Zayn p.o.v.

We hugged eachother outside the park I don't know why but yes we did.

I took her till the car opened the door she made herself comfortable till I started the car i started " well umm.. Did you had umm.. A nice day ?? I was curious to listen her answer but when I faced her I saw her sleeping and laughed a bit about what just happend

Finally we reached her home that I didn't wanted to drop her there I opened her door coming to her side saw her home keys just by her side hanging out off her shorts I took them so that they didn't fell i picked her up bridal style unlocked the doors to her house I was searching her room till I found a room with a sign saying " do you believe in magic?? Well that's what dancers create... " I must say that was a very deep qoute I opened her room and everything was just so not clean I guilted a bit because that's what I do when I'm sleepy I saw a photo frame beside her bed side and smiled a bit that had a note on it saying " zayn and mine first picture " when I was laying her down I kissed her temple and was leaving till I saw nargis was holding my hand I tried to let go off that I didn't wanted too but soon heard her voices hole she was sleep saying " please don't leave "

I couldn't do anything but stay so I did I replied her ok she left my hand I took off my shirt and slipped by her side she cuddled herself like small babies would do so I realized laughing at me I didn't pulled the covers I pulled the covers in her and moved her side so that she gets all the blanket and doesn't feel cold unless I heard her voice saying " zayn ? " I replied " yes love ?" I said " you can share the blanket with me " she replied I slid myself just beside her she kept moving close to me in no time her head was on my bare chest and I could hear her small snorings aww.. She's so cute

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