Love <3

This story has no blurb I want to dedicate this book to my sister Can all of you retweet the link that is in the bio of zayns_cheek Zayn loves you <3


15. chapter 15

I dropped nargis to her home truly speaking I didn't wanted to leave her I told her I'll be there at 9 to pick her up when she Was leaving she kissed my cheek that already was burning she waved me bye looked back twice and in she went I drow off from her home but when I was just left her house it felt like forever but it was just few minutes I saw her I couldn't help but take out my phone and texted her

From:zayn-had fun ?? :)

Her reply came in no time

To:zayn-can't express :p

From:zayn-relax a bit I'll reach home and then we"ll talk :*

To:zayn-ok love ;)

I don't know if she has ever seen me in the class she thinks I haven't notice her bit the real thing is I've always seen her she always used to sit next me and I hope she continues it after the holidays as know she knows I have feelings for her too

Nargis p.o.v.

I am going to theme park with ZAYN ?!?! It must be a dream I still can't believe am I leaving in a dream that zayn actually said he loves me

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