When Nathan Summers moves to a new town, everyone thinks she's weird. When there's a Group of weirdos will she want to join in or be left out?

Yellow because of language and violence.


18. valentines day.


It was now February and everyday I saw Sky I felt guilty. In gym class, Sky confronted me. "Nathan, I know you had sex with Mason" she said to me. "I'm sorry! It's just we were playing games and!" I said. "It's fine, Mason told me everything and he said it was his fault not yours" Sky said to me. "I know is there anything, at all I can do for you?" I asked. "Well you could buy me a smoothie" Sky said. Then she broke into tears. I hugged her, "so you guys broke up?" I asked. She cried. "I guess that was a yes" I said to my self. I felt really bad so to help I got Mason to make her something romantic. He got her flowers and a necklace. It was valentines day and love was in the air, ugh it was so disgusting I wanted to barf! As I walked through the halls a hand grabbed me from the janitors closet and yanked me in. "Danny what?" I asked. "You" he said. We started to make out. Then the janitor caught us and kicked us out. It was so funny. We held hands through the halls and we kissed by my locker. I was wearing my green peplum top and my black skinnys. And I wore my moms heels. And a black leather jacket. Danny was wearing a red top with jeans and red high tops, he was cute for a friend with benefits. I couldn't let my self fall in love with him, I needed to focus on my art career. " Danny I have to go do something I'll see you later" I said. I went to Sky and stood in a corner. "Please I'm sorry just take my gifts! I love you!" Mason begged. "You can't buy my love, I'm sorry Mason I can never forgive you Nathan's my friend and it was wrong for her and you to do that but she didn't buy my love she looked me in the eye and apologized, I'm sorry" Sky said. She walked away. I felt bad for the both of them. I walked to my house to change my shoes. As I opened the door, my mother threw a glass beer bottle at me, it almost hit my head. "What the fuck!" I yelled. "You sold my jewelry and only got yours back!" She yelled. "I needed the money because you never help out!" I yelled. She ran up to me and punched me in my stomach. I slapped her across her face. That's when she jumped on my skate board and it snapped in half. My whole life came flashing threw my life. I punched her in her jaw. And she smashed a bottle across my face. Shattered pieces went across my face, and I never felt more pain in my life. I went to my room and packed all my clothes in a back pack, and all my stuff, and left. I walked to Danny's house. I knocked on his door. He answered, and I just burst into tears, I cried on his chest and he hugged me.

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