When Nathan Summers moves to a new town, everyone thinks she's weird. When there's a Group of weirdos will she want to join in or be left out?

Yellow because of language and violence.


4. the protest

When I got home, my mom sat on the couch drinking beer, what was new. I went to my room and went on my school website. I sent out a mass message about how this was our year to be us. I got 23 likes. Something was gonna happen tommorrow and it was gonna be because of me. I fell asleep.


When I woke up my half shaved hair was messy. I took a shower and got dressed in my purple t shirt and black skinny jeans then I put on my purple vans and my purple SnapBack. We decided to wear purple because of Violets sake, it was her favorite color. When I got to school half of all the kids wore purple. I was pretty proud of my self. Then I saw the girl I bumped into at lunch. She and all the honor students weren't wearing purple. It made me feel uncomfortable. She ran up to me. She was wearing a white skirt, a peach blazer, white shirt, knee high socks, and clunky open toed heels. "Nathan! What's the meaning of all this purple!?" She asked. "Seniors! Are gonna make a change! Savannah, just go back to being perfect it's what your good at" I said. "Good at? Please you have know Idea how hard it was to get to where I am now! So stop thinking you know everything,and the reason I'm not wearing purple is because I don't support against the school I love it here!" Savanna said to me. Then she walked off. I just rolled my eyes, and saw Danny. "Hey ready to rebel now?" I asked. Danny had on a black hoodie and a purple t shirt. He had purple vans, and blacks skinnys on. "Yep! Let's go" he said. Outside was Sky, Violet, and Mason. "Okay ready? One...two....three" Danny said. "Rebel against the homework rebel against the homework!" We chanted. Outside came the principal Ms.Oliver, and the faculty. "Nathan Summers! And Daniel Bryson! Detention for a month!" Ms.Oliver yelled to us."Again?!" We both asked.

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