When Nathan Summers moves to a new town, everyone thinks she's weird. When there's a Group of weirdos will she want to join in or be left out?

Yellow because of language and violence.


8. the dance

It was already after school and we went to Violets house. We got into our costumes. Violet had all purple hair, and she put her heart antennas on her short bob with bangs. She wore a pink and silver dress with purple leggings with silver stars she had silver shoes with pink wings. Sky had on a black dress and a red hood. She had her jet black hair and instead of a purple streak she did a red streak. And she had red heels on. I had on my black skeleton leggings on and my black skeleton shirt on with a pink heart. And I added my glow in the dark skeleton zip up hoodie. I braided my half shaved blonde hair and put on my facial piercings. We all went to the bathroom. Violets bathroom was really big because she had a wheelchair. We helped each other do our makeup. Violet had a purple eye shadow with painted pink and silver hearts and pink lipgloss. Sky had dark make up more if like a smokey eye and she had red lipstick. And I had a dark skeleton make up. I had dark eyeshadow, with skulls and I had black lipstick with skeleton lips. My mother thinks I'm at a lecture for misbehaved students. I added on my cuff earrings and I grabbed my backpack and skateboard. "I'll meet you guys there gotta do something" I said as Violet got into Sky's car. I skated to the school. I went to an empty wall and started spray painting. I wanted to create a beautiful rocking mural for me and my best friends. As I spray painted I bumped into someone. "What are you doing here?!" I yelled. "This is my space!" He yelled back. It sounded like, Danny! I pulled off the hood and sure enough it was him. He had a zombie look on him. "Hey, it's you" he said. "Yep! It's me" I replied as I took out my pink spray can. "Your spray painting now?" He asked. "Don't judge me, you were gonna use chalk on the floor" yea I guess." He replied. "Okay I'm done, let's go before we get caught" I said. I put on my back pack and we both walked to the main entrance. The party was pretty cool. Violet was dancing in her seat and clapping her hands. And Sky was looking for Oliver. There were cheesy decorations and fog on the floor. The snacks were supposed to look like monsters but it was just an epic fail. I saw Mason sitting down alone on his phone. So I sat next to him. "Watcha up to?" I asked. "Oh hey Nathan, I'm just sitting" he said. "Who is she?" I asked. "Why do people always assume it's a girl?" He asked. "So your gay? It's a boy?" I asked. "What?! No! Fine it's a girl." He said. "So just go up to her and say I like you, and where's your costume?" I asked. "I don't have one". He replied. "Fine I'll make you one". I said. He had on a green plaid shirt, so I ripped the sleeves. "What the hell Nathan!" He yelled. "Just shut up I'm trying to help you" I said. I made holes in his shirt. I got my backpack from under the table, and took a cotton swab and put white paint on it. I gave him fake fangs. A guy with a wolf mask came by and I took it from his head. I adjusted it on to Masons eyes and took his glasses. "Now go get her wolfie" I laughed. He walked up to the dance floor.

Sky's POV

I had just finished talking to Oliver and he asked me to go get him punch. As I came back I handed him punch. "Here" we heard "all of me by john legend" come on. "Uh thanks, but I" he started to say. "You know what scratch that, let's uh dance" I said. I threw the cups in the nearest trash can. "You know I never knew you felt about this way till now" Oliver told me. "Yea well I think you were always cute" I said. "Sky, I like you" Oliver said than he kissed me. I lifted up his mask. "What the fuck?!" I yelled. It was Mason. "So Sk-" he started to say. I slapped him across his face. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" I asked. "What do you mean!? What's wrong with me?" Mason asked. "I thought you were Oliver!" I yelled. All of me by john legend had just ended. "Why would I act like that jerk!" Mason asked. "And why did you kiss me?" I asked. "Because I- you know what forget it" he said then he stomped away. I didn't know if I liked the kiss or hated it. I was then pulled into the dance floor by Violet, Nathan joined us to and together we danced the night away.

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