When Nathan Summers moves to a new town, everyone thinks she's weird. When there's a Group of weirdos will she want to join in or be left out?

Yellow because of language and violence.


9. Hairspray

At school on Monday we had a huge assembly. Freshman sat in the front,sophomores sat on top of the freshman, juniors sat in the middle, and we seniors sat in the very top. Violet couldn't sit with us she had to be on the floor in her wheelchair. There was the teacher staff, and even Bob the custodian. Ms.Oliver came up to the stand. "Students I hope all of you feel ashamed!" She yelled into the microphone. "And if you don't know what I am talking about I will show you" she said. "Bob! The pictures!" She screamed. He put in something to the projector, and out came the picture of my mural. "Whoever did this has serious consequences!" She yelled. The bell rang and everyone went to their third period class. My third period was study hall but I didn't care this was when me,Danny,Violet,Sky,and Mason. "Well why should I tell you anything?!" I heard Sky yell. "I told you it was an accident!" Mason yelled. "You know you did it on purpose!" Sky yelled as she walked around the room. "It was just a simple question, you'll realize he's a jerk, and you'll be running back to me to apologize!" Mason yelled. "I can't believe you would say that about Oliver! He is so sweet! Your just jealous you can't get a girl friend!" Sky yelled. "That's it!" Mason yelled. He went up to Sky and ripped off her winged heart necklace and put it in his pocket. "I'm taking back my necklace!" He yelled. Sky filled up with tears and cried. She slapped Mason in the face and ran out the door.

After school.

"Omg! He kissed you!?" Me and Violet yelled. "Yes! And Oliver asked me to go steady!" Sky said. "How could he?" Violet asked. We sat down at our local Starbucks. "I know why he would" I said. "Why?" Sky asked as she sipped her iced coffee. "I sent him there I didn't know he liked you I said go get the girl you liked and you ended up being kissed!" I said really fastly! "Why would you do that?" Sky asked. "He looked lonely and he told me he liked a girl so I just wanted to help him, I'm sorry I caused you trouble" I apologized. "So did you hear about the play your sister is gonna be in?" Violet asked. "Yea it's hairspray but she wants to try out for the lead" Sky said. "She always wants to be perfect" I said. "That's just her I don't judge she's my twin" Sky said. "Anyways I've gotta go apologize to Mason I'll see you two later" Sky said to us then she left out the door. I just hoped she made it work with Mason I couldn't stand Oliver.

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