When Nathan Summers moves to a new town, everyone thinks she's weird. When there's a Group of weirdos will she want to join in or be left out?

Yellow because of language and violence.


3. friends?

I woke up, I had dragon breathe and my hair was like a birds nest. I took a shower and than got dressed in skinny jeans, my Cookie Monster tshirt and blue converse. I put a blue streak in my hair, and put on my blue beanie. I walked out the door and skated to school. As I walked through the hall ways, a girl with jet black hair with purple streaks. She wore high waist shorts and a white top with a purple hoodie. She had on purple sneakers and white socks. She was handing out flyers. She put them on walls lockers and doors. She handed me a flyer. It said, meeting at theatre room, new kids only. I crumbled up the paper and threw it on the floor. I walked to my locker, and opened it. I put my books in it. The bell had rang so I went to the bathroom. There were girls who were smoking. She blew her smoke in my face. I took her cigarette out of her mouth, and threw it in the trash. I washed my hands and walked out the bathroom. I walked all the way to Mr. classroom. I opened the door and sat down in my seat. "F Nathan!" He yelled at me. I tapped my pencil on the textbook he handed out.

He came up to me, and put his hand out. "Oh sorry I don't give tips to jerks" I said. The whole class laughed. "I want your homework" he said. " it's at home" I said. "F FOR THE WHOLE DAY!" He yelled. "Then F you Mr.Elveen!" I said. The bell rang. And I walked out. After school I passed the theatre arts room. I looked through the glass window in the door, and inside was a girl on a wheelchair, a geeky nerdy kid, the girl who was handing out papers and a guy with tattoos. I opened the door. "So this is for new kids?" I asked. "Oh yea!" The black haired girl said. "Hi I'm Skylar, call me Sky" she said. "So this is Violet!" She said as she pointed to the girl in the wheelchair. Violet had violet eyes, shorthair, half was purple and the other strawberry blonde. She wore a black hoodie, and jeans with black converse, with a purple shirt. "That's Mason." She said as she pointed to the geeky kid. He wore a plaid shirt and a navy blue shirt under with an alien on it. He had on skinny jeans on and red high tops and black glasses on his blue eyes. And brown hair. "And that's Danny" she said as she pointed to the kid with tattoos. He had black hair and a hoodie on top of it. Then he had a piercing on his ear with a diamond. A white and grey striped shirt. And grey pants with grey and white high tops. "So what's your name?" Sky asked me. "It's Nathan." I said. "Why Nathan?" Mason asked. "My parents thought I was a boy" I said. "Oh that's cool" Danny said. "So Nathan I heard you smoke weed" Violet said. "And where'd you hear that?" I asked. "The whole school says you do pot and weed and hookah! And you got arrested for spray painting a wall" she said. "Well none of that is true except, for the spray painting" I said. "So Danny what's up with you?" Violet asked. "Nothing just all the drama and being outcasted" he said. "You know why do the losers in life get casted out?" I said. "This year, were gonna make senior year fun!" I said. "What do you mean fun?" Sky asked. "It's the year for us seniors!" I said. "Were like the rebels of the school." Mason said. "I'm not sure your there yet." Danny said patting Masons back."so who's in?" I asked. "Well we are all in! I just made you think we're new so you could be our friend." Sky said. "Friends? Never had that before".I said to myself.

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