When Nathan Summers moves to a new town, everyone thinks she's weird. When there's a Group of weirdos will she want to join in or be left out?

Yellow because of language and violence.


22. finals

So our teachers prepped us for a test that can determine whether or not we have the skills to go to college. The test was so fucking hard! But I feel like I passed. After the test school was over and me and Danny met up in the janitors closet. "Nathan I have to ask you a question" Danny said. "If it's about going steady I can't I'm sorry" I said. "It's not that, what if for college I moved far away from you?" He asked. "Than Id die with out you" I answered. "Because I'm going to NYU" Danny said. I was proud of him, but sad at the same time. What was I gonna do without him? I loved him but I just can't break my rules. "Danny I'm gonna make a slight change this year." I said to him. "Like what?" He asked. "I will date you, but no sex and we have to focus on school." I said. "Fine" Danny said. I wrapped my hands around him and kissed him. We both walked out and went home. I was gonna miss him.

One week later.

We got our results back, and I was in! "Danny! I made it!" I yelled. I hugged him and he twirled me. "I made it to!" He said to me with excitement. We all made it, except for Mason. "Mason? What happened?" Sky asked. "I was too focused on my appearance that I forgot everything I had learned they mixed up test scores and they're trying to fix it and what If it's not a mistake?" Mason asked. "We all make mistakes, and I made one to" Sky said. "What do you mean?" Mason asked. "This" Sky replied. She grabbed his shirt and kissed him . "Ahh! I've been dying to do that!" Sky yelled. Mason and Sky kept on kissing and me Violet and Danny walked away to give them privacy. "I guess Sky forgives Mason now" Violet said. "Stating the obvious" I said. One more month and we can graduate. I was so excited.

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