Summer Hearts

two souls, brought together.
two hearts, struggling to mend the other.
two bodies, fighting for a single moment together,
two minds, one stubborn, the other egoistic.
One confession and One secret, that could mend or break their hearts.
They have sixty days to mend a broken promise and a broken heart. Will this Summer decide the fate of two hearts, or pass by like every other? Even if it does, will it be called Love? Everything comes with a price.


3. If he's dead, you know the culprit.


    That is what I want to call him. When I reached the room he told me was supposedly, where I would be staying, and it turned out to be a bathroom.

    That was the only room towards the left and I fumed with anger.

     I stomp my way towards the room Hunter entered previously. Instead of angrily turning the knob and barging into the room, I politely knock on the door.

    Politely Knocking is a small statement. I angrily bang onto his room’s door, chanting, “Open the door, Hunter. Open the door, open the door.”

    I hear some shuffling and then the door suddenly opens. I take a startled step back as Hunter steps out, his hair is a mess, and his face is a deep hue of red as he turns to look at me. I take another step back and gulp, taking in his dark aura.

    How could one person change from happy to so dangerous in a matter of minutes?

    My eyes roam around his face, searching for any sign where he would pick up the nearby vase and slam in on my head.

    He did nothing like that, his face immediately changed and he scowled.

    Oh, look he can scowl too. He still looks hot nevertheless.

    My eyes fall down to his shirtless chest, I swallow and I can feel the pink rising up my cheeks. I take on a deep breath, cursing myself for being such an idiot.

    “Uh... I... you… uh…” I stammered.

    Oh, cat got your tongue now, did it Aria?

    I mentally curse at that voice in my head and roll my eyes back to Hunter’s brown orbs, waiting for me to tell my shit.

    “What do you want, doll?” I bite my tongue before a sarcastic remark rolls off them.

    “You lied to me!” I protest.

    “I don’t speak false, sweetheart.” He smirks, leaning on the doorframe. I bite back another rude remark as really wanted to smack that smirk off his face, but I stay quiet and glare at him instead.

    “I hate you!” the words slip off my lips before I could stop myself.

    The smirk vanishes from his face and he replaces it with a blank, unreadable expression.

    “Is that what you came here for?” he speaks slowly; I could sense the dark aura rising back.

    “Just tell me where my room is for heaven’s sake!”

    He stands straight and points to a room next to where we are standing, at the moment.

    “I swear if it’s another one of those bathroom or store room, I’ll skin you alive.” I mutter to myself.

    “Violent much…?” He retorts. I look up at his unreadable face and scowl.

    “Your face…!” I strike back. He takes a moment to process what I said and gives me an amused expression.

    “I know it’s pretty.”

    “I didn’t know you had a girly side, but nevertheless, it’s unimpressive.”


     “Your face…!” This time he throws his head back and laughs. “It wasn’t meant for you to laugh!”

    “You’re funny!”

    “You’re annoying!”

     “You’re pretty.” I screw my brain to think of some sarcastic comeback, and it slipped out before I could give it a second thought.

      “You’re not!”

        The smirk on his face only widened and I wanted the earth to swallow me when I realised the compliment—or maybe not a compliment—he paid me a moment ago.

     Why was he even talking to me after all the insults I threw at his face and practically blew his entire ‘I’m hotter than you can handle’, façade.

It is a façade right?

    I knew this was going nowhere; our silly bickering was only going to land me pouncing on him and choking him.

    Yes, I am very violent and only Mr. Hunter Jacobs was able to bring this sort of side of mine. Why, you ask? That is a story for another time.

Stay Tuned.

   Without another word, I stomp to the room he had previously pointed to and pushed the heavy door open.

I involuntarily gasp at the view ahead of me. The entire room was in a texture of royal cream and everything about the room screamed heavenly luxury.

    I carefully swerve my way towards the bed, it was tempting to flop, sinking into the soft, delicate quilt and doze off into a relaxing slumber.

    I slowly sit down on the soft, expensive sheets and lay on my back, staring at the ceiling. Today was trippy. To say that I was looking forward to spend my summer with an extremely hot boy, under one roof and also that, I hate him was the hardest thing for me to digest.

     My eyes lips slowly droop and I snuggle up into a small ball, letting the morning’s travel and tiredness take me into a wave of happy slumber, with unicorns, candies and of course, Neverland.   


    I was hoping for a nice peaceful sleep, and wanted to pass the tiring afternoon, the evening, and straight away wake up next morning.

    Luck was not on my side, it was not since last night, anyways.

    There were three loud knocks—correction, bangs— on the door before the person—a very impatient one—flipped the knob and barged in.

    Jeez, man! I need some privacy here! What if I was changing or probably half naked?

I dropped my elbows and leaned on them, watching as the person come into view.

    Guess who?


   It is Hunter.

I did not say anything, just raised an eyebrow and waited for him to explain his behaviour.

   “I came here to-err… call you for some snacks?” he explained but his answer came as though he was unsure if that was the specific reason why he mercilessly spoiled my sleep.

    “Snacks?” I ask.

    “Yeah, you know, it’s tea time…” he trails off, looking behind me.


    Tea time…

Bloody hell!

    He woke me up for tea time when I ate like a pig at lunch?


 I just lost my precious hour of beauty sleep… for teatime.

    I glared at him, trying to look scary but the amused glint in his eyes said otherwise.

Way to spoil my sleep, Hunter. Eventually, I’m getting back at you.

    I ran my fingers along my messy locks, grunting in frustration.

   “Were you asleep?” He asks, noting my appearance, as a satisfied smirk twitched his lips.

“Takes a genius to figure that out,” I retort.

    He only smirked and stretched his hands forward to help me off the bed. I ignored his offer and propelled myself up, pushing my messy hair into a bun.

    He pulled back his hands, walking out the room and shoving them into his front jeans pockets.

A loud voice ran through the hallway as I made my way towards the stairs. It was a girl’s voice.

“Hunter, I’m back!” and that one was Hunter’s visitor.

    He slowly took his time climbing down the stairs as I followed suit.

As he reached the bottom stairs, a girl around my age flung herself at Hunter, catching him off guard and pulling him down, a bit.

   I stood there awkwardly looking anywhere but at the two. As soon as they pulled away, the girl pressed a kiss onto Hunter’s lips with so much force that I thought they would bang their teeth together.

     I felt very uncomfortable and not a bit nice seeing Hunter kiss another girl.

It’s probably because I am not used to seeing hot guys kiss girls in front of me.

Yeah, that’s probably why.

    They stayed like that for some time and my heart clenched. I really wanted to go, push Hunter away from the girl, pull him towards the dining hall and demand my tea, the precise reason why he—intentionally—woke me up.

    Or maybe I really hated the fact that I had to stand there and witness as they both eat each other’s faces.

Or maybe I just don’t want Hunter to kiss any other girl than…

   My eyes widen at the sudden burst of thoughts in my mind. I take a step back from the love birds and shake my head. This is not right; I don’t have to explain myself the reason to witness that disgusting kiss.

    I look anywhere but at Hunter, trying to distract myself from the couple in front. However, my eyes land back on Hunter as his hands rub the side of the girl’s hips, talking something I really didn’t care about.

    I watched his lips part as he pronounced something to the girl and how they press back into a curve. I gulped and took a blind step back, tripping on the corner table in the process, and falling down with a loud thud.

   The couple’s eyes immediately drifted towards my fallen body and my cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

“I was-err… I was-err… exploring?” I offered, but Hunter rolled his eyes, dropping his hands from the girl’s hips. A wave of relief surged through me by that simple action. He walked towards me and lifted me up with a single-handed pull.

    Remind me never to quarrel with Hunter Jacobs, because he sure does have the strength to send me flying across the room if he can lift me up with one pull.

    I mutter incoherency and glance back at the girl, looking between Hunter and me.


    “I expected her to be… younger?” the girl says to Hunter.

Wait, she knows about me? That means Hunter spoke to her about me?

Hunter spoke about me to someone else?

    My stomach suddenly did flips and I bent forward, holding my stomach, trying to contain my silly excitement.

    “Oh no, Lily is only seven, this is Aria. She a guest here,” he says.

Oh, way to ruin my moment,

    “Hi,” the girl says beaming at me. “I’m Lyrin.”

     “Hi, I’m Aria,” I reply shyly. She nods in acknowledgement.

Fact #1 about Hunter: He has a girlfriend, and her name is Lyrin.

    That simple sentence was however enough to break my mood for the entire day, or even for the rest of my boring summer.


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