The Last Twilight

its a story of love, heart brake, friendship, trust and hatred. i dedicate this book to my two great friends who have always been there for me, (Ebear101 and wolf lover) so i hope you an whoever is with you enjoy this book. if you want a part in this book ( ideas and such ) just tell me or my co author(s)
Cover by: endless100


5. The fight

Makenzie's POV

its Saturday,which is training day for both of us. When I woke up, I was alone on Athena's couch with my head on Chris' shoulder. He was still asleep. I put my head back down and felt his arm go around me. I opened my eyes and saw him looking down at me. We are not officially a couple, I mean, he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend, but I still wish that he would. This was the third date, first was Athena's house, second was the school carnival, and third was Athena' place again. Her parents are out of town for three months with mine. But she doesn't have older siblings.

Chris hugged me and then we got up to look for Athena and Crawford. Of course, they were on the computer. I don't care what they were looking at, but they didn't see us. I turned and walked into the kitchen, and there was no evidence that they had eaten yet. I know where everything is in her house, so I pulled out all the stuff I need for pancakes, hash browns and bacon. I don't really like bacon, but I will eat it. I turned around to get eggs and saw Chris in an apron holding a wooden spoon. I couldn't help but giggle. He looked stern and started talking with a fake accent,

"you DARE laugh at chef RAMSY? I'm famous for god sakes! You're in Hell's Kitchen now!"

at that I couldn't help it, I was laughing so hard I was sitting on the ground laughing my head off.

He looked amused and helped me up. I playfully threw some flour at him and it covered his face. Then he cracked an egg on my head. From there it was an all out war. By the time Athena and Crawford walked in, we were both covered in pancake batter, mushed up potato, and flour. Athena just laughed and told us to go take showers. I went in Athena's en-suite and Chris went in the guest bathroom. The guys had packed overnight bags, but I was just gonna borrow Athena's clothes. That's what we do. 

After ten minuets of just standing in the warm water, I got out and wrapped myself in a towel. Athena came in so that she could get changed and I didn't take what she was gonna wear. After she put on her training outfit, a green sports bra and black lulu lemon shorts, I remembered that I left my training stuff here anyways. I just had to borrow the clothes for after. I put on my trainingclothes, a purple sports bra and black TNA shorts. We packed our coloured bags, mine was purple, hers was green, and we put in our gloves, hair brushes, showering stuff, clothes and makeup. 

When we went downstairs, the boys got one look at us, and their jaws dropped. "Can we get a ride to the gym?" Athena asked. Chris grabbed his keys and I yelled "SHOTGUN!" As quick as I could. Crawford gave me an evil glare and I did an 'I'm innocent' face. He likes shotgun.

*at the gym*

"your doing great!" My trainer, Devon, congratulated me. I looked over at Athena and she was talking to her trainer. "I want you and my friend's client to fave a match." Devon told me. I wrapped my hands and went to the sparring area. A boy walked in. "Mak?" He asked. 

"No way! Jay? Now I'm excited."


" I get to shame you in front of the entire gym."

"you're on."

I turned and yelled at the top on my lungs so everyone could hear me, "THERES A MATCH!! WHO WANTS TO SEE ME WIN?" Everyone walked over. After stretching, we went at it. He threw the first swing. I ducked and kicked him in the stomach. He decided to go against rules and called in for his teammate two against one. I had to think fast. Then I thought of something, 

"A!" I yelled as loud as I could. She was instantly beside me. We didn't even need to talk. By the end of it, Athena and I were completely untouched, as for them, bruises were already forming.

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