The Last Twilight

its a story of love, heart brake, friendship, trust and hatred. i dedicate this book to my two great friends who have always been there for me, (Ebear101 and wolf lover) so i hope you an whoever is with you enjoy this book. if you want a part in this book ( ideas and such ) just tell me or my co author(s)
Cover by: endless100


4. Happy~Day

Athena's POV:

When i was walking with my friends i got a text. it said, "hai ash its Craw.I was wondering if u wanna go out?" I replied with a simple sure. He looked at me and smiled, his smile was like a robber chasing after all the money in the world. Amazing. So i texted Makenzie



                        hey mak crawford just asked me out and i                 said yes!

omg ash thats great! and Christain did the same here!

                    omg thats great!


So then we finally got to school.I realized that no one was there. We all looked astonished. We all said at the same time "Weird!" Then we all went to my house and talked for hours and hours. We had a great time.We then watched a movie called Warm~Bodies which i loved to watch. Makenzie snuggled up with Christain and i went with Crawford. we all had a great time and they stayed the night. Our guys and us played some fun games like truth or dare and hide and seek. Crawford also told some funny jokes. So we all fell asleep with our boyfriends next to us and ourselves in their arms As we woke up, Makenzie and I made breakfast. Eggs, sausage, toast and hash browns. After we ate we went out in the woods to go build something.


​im so sorry guys i haven't been working on my own story a lot but i will be doing so quite a bit in the summer. 

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