The Last Twilight

its a story of love, heart brake, friendship, trust and hatred. i dedicate this book to my two great friends who have always been there for me, (Ebear101 and wolf lover) so i hope you an whoever is with you enjoy this book. if you want a part in this book ( ideas and such ) just tell me or my co author(s)
Cover by: endless100


7. Followin' In Your Steps

Monday 30th

I wake up, my usual morning routine. Call my friends on facetime.

"Hey." myself.

"Sup." Crawford.

"Hey." Mackenzie.

Silence floats through them as their jaws drop.

"What!" I yell as I break the silence.

Stutters of "B-b-b-behind y-y-you."

I don't risk anything so I look in my square of the facetime box...

I notice my old teacher in the chair behind me.

"Hi, may I help you?" I blurt out of fear.

"May I stay a while?" she asks.


She walks out the door and into my fort, not even carng I follow with food and such. I drop them off and leave.

"What the-"

"Crawford!" Mackenzie yells.

We sit in silence as our eyes glare at each other, wondering, scared, and most of all awestruck.

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