I'm the Beta's Mate?!

Being the new guy in a new country sure is hard, that's what Jack Lopez thinks.
He doesn't know anyone and he isn't very social. But when Jack meets Ash and Bryan things seem to take a drastic turn; Fantasies, stories and imaginations are no longer surreal when Jack learns that he has become friends with the strongest wolves in a pack. The Alpha and the Beta.
What will happen now when Jack also discovers that he is the Beta's mate?
Jack must now face a life full of danger, bullying, homophobia, insecurity, war and loss, but not all is bad when it also has love, friendship, support and a whole new family in it.
Will Jack be able to stay as the Beta's mate or will he loose before anything has begun?
There is only one way to find out...


2. Prologue

There's no words for everything I went through with Bryan, Joline and the rest of the pack. We went through; Pain, trouble, fun. And also love. But there was alot more to it than that. 
When I found out what they truly were, I was overwhelmed. What was true and what wasn't was something I thought about alot, when Bryan shared his and the boys' secret with me. 
How could I keep living a normal life, when I knew nothing was going to be the same as it used to?
At that time I was very confused and shocked, but I still cared for him and as time passed I realised that I didn't mind their secret and that I still liked to be with them. I actually liked it even better than I used to. I knew them now. 
All the secret meetings I couldn't attend, all the whispers, everything. It was just to protect their secret.
I really was happy being with Bryan. 
He was looking at me with his beautiful green eyes as he smiled cheerfully. 
I loved being out here in the woods with him. It was so refreshing and green here. The birds were chirping, flies were buzzing and the summer sun was shining brightly, warming our bodies.
We looked at each other with a daring look and before I knew it I had begun running away from him. He ran right behind me, chasing me. 
I had also found out that he liked to play catch. It kind of made sense. 
We were both cheerfully giggling and laughing and as I turned to look behind me I stumbled over a branch, falling onto the soft grass. I couldn't stop laughing and soon enough Bryan had caught me. 
He wrapped his arms around me, showering me with kisses. 
"I got you now!" He roared smiling widely. I giggled and turned to face him. I hugged him and our laughter slowly died out. He was still smiling though. 
He leaned in closer and kissed my lips. It felt really good. 
His soft lips were gently moving on top of mine and I followed his pace. He was gently caressing my back as he pulled me closer with the other hand.
He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes stroking a strant of my hair away. 
"I love you," he said pecking my lips once again. 
I was so happy to be his mate. To be the Beta's mate. 
"I love you too," I replied nuzzling my face into his warm neck.

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