I'm the Beta's Mate?!

Being the new guy in a new country sure is hard, that's what Jack Lopez thinks.
He doesn't know anyone and he isn't very social. But when Jack meets Ash and Bryan things seem to take a drastic turn; Fantasies, stories and imaginations are no longer surreal when Jack learns that he has become friends with the strongest wolves in a pack. The Alpha and the Beta.
What will happen now when Jack also discovers that he is the Beta's mate?
Jack must now face a life full of danger, bullying, homophobia, insecurity, war and loss, but not all is bad when it also has love, friendship, support and a whole new family in it.
Will Jack be able to stay as the Beta's mate or will he loose before anything has begun?
There is only one way to find out...


8. Chapter 6: "Faultiness"

"How long do you intend to be tormented.. by the foolish words of that stupid guy.."

-Yamai (from the manga: Konbini-kun)


Jack Lopez



After driving for around 5 minutes we parked outside of my appartment. When I had accepted Bryan's offer I had forgotten how close my appartment really was.


"Thank you." I said before I got out of the car. Since he was skipping school just to drive me I could as well invite him inside. "Would you like to come inside for a cup of tea? Or coffee?" I asked trying to be nice. He took his keys and got out of the car. He locked it and looked at me with a cold expression.


"Tea sounds nice." He said not putting any emotions in his words. Did he really hate me that much?


I walked up to my front door and fumbled slightly with the keys. "Sorry it is kind of messy, but I'm still unpacking." I told him as I opened my door that revealed an entryway filled with brown boxes. He looked around, scanned the room with his eyes, and then took off his black coat and beige scarf. He hung it up and tied the scarf around the hanger before he followed me into my kitchen. I asked him to sit down as I went to prepair the tea.


While I waited for the kettle to boil I noticed him staring at my face. I didn't say anything though, I just kept my gaze away from his. He looked as if he wanted to know something. Then it came, the question he wanted to ask.


"Are you okay? After that facer I expect it hurts, right?" He asked and I instantly covered my cheek with my hand.


"Yeah, sort of." I replied as I gently pressed on the bruise through the band-aid. It hurt, and stung a bit too.


"Okay." He said and looked out of the window. Again the awkward silence filled the room but luckily not for long. The kettle was finished boiling the water and I poured it into two mugs with tea briefs.


"Do you use milk?" I asked throwing the used tea briefs away.


"No." he didn't even turning his head. I sighed gently and poured milk into my mug and handed him his mug.


"Would you like anything else? I have chocolate chip cookies and frazermint caramels." I asked before sitting down. He didn't want any so therefor I just sat down and started sipping my tea.


We sat in silence for at least a few minutes only sipping our tea. He annoyed me quite a bit since he was hard to talk to. You couldn't excatly have a decent conversation with him, and to me that really sucked.


I was watching him or rather staring at him, taking his beautiful features. Suddenly he looked back at me, his green eyes staring right into my hazel ones.


"Is there something on my face?" He asked wiping the corner of his mouth.


"No, I was just looking at you," I giggled as I found it kind of funny. "I sometimes draw realistic drawings, and I wondered how it would be to draw you since you have slightly stronger features than what I'm used to draw." I tapped my fingers on the table gently. He looked at me for a few seconds before he said anything.


"Would you like to draw me then?" He asked me not changing his expression. My heart skipped at the sudden question, but I nodded instantly.


"I'd love to! When?" I asked just making sure if he was available right now.


He looked at his silver watch and then back at me.


"I have time now, so where should I sit?" He replied and I guided him torwards an old wooden chair covered in a soft, white, sheep wool blanket.


I hurried into my room to get my tools.


I found my sketch pad, pencils, toilet paper (instead of smudging with my fingers. It also gives a better effect), a4 and a5 sized papers, a box of pastels and an ereaser.


When I came back Bryan looked at me surprized.


"That is alot of tools," he said watching me set up my "workspace" that consisted of a chair, a lamp, an easel and a small table for the rest of my tools.


"Not really, this is just some of it" I replied as I softly giggled. "Now could you look slightly torwards the window to your right?" I asked placing the lamp a bit far away to give the scene a dark and mysterious lightning. He did as I had asked and looked torward the window. He still had a serious face but that was just what I wanted for the drawing. He really looked like he had done this before. He looked like a model.


"Have you tried modeling before?" I asked as I started on the skeleton and guide lines.


"No, never, why?" He replied not moving an inch.


"Just asking."


The lines collied on by one and by 5 minutes I had the basic shape of the base. Then I proceded to drawing the eyes. Those wonderful green eyes. Although my first attempt to draw Bryan hadn't looked completely like him, this one definantly would. He was right in front of me now!


Half an hour passed and I had finished a sketchy portrait of Bryan. It looked nice. The way his green orbs shone trough the darkness of the drawing was mysterious, but they also showed me hope and youth. Even though you might think that a dark drawing would look somewhat evil or misreable, that wasn't the case with this one. Bryan more or less looked mean, but if you really looked at the drawing you could see that he wasn't mean. He looked like he was longing and sad.


"I'm finished" I told him stopping my own thoughts. Instantly he walked over to me to look at the drawing. He exsamined the paper in my hand carefully. He looked... pleased, which made me happy.


"This is good. Quite diffrent from what I have seen Jolene draw, but I like it" he said not showing it in his voice that he actually liked it. It was more like he read it outloud from a book. I thanked him and started wondering, how did he know the cheerful girl I had met earlier today? How did he know Jolene? But he did know Ash as well so I guess it wasn't impossible.


"I have to go now" Bryan said interupting my thoughts. He put on his coat, scarf and shoes and before I got to say goodbye, he was gone.


"Okay, that was just rude." I told myself walking back into my livingroom. I picked up my pencils and my other tools and placed them back in the drawers in my bedroom. I struggled moving the small table to its original place. although it was small it was heavy! Either that or I was weak. I'll go with the first option.


When I had finished I went into my bedroom. I wanted to relax for now and that meant I'd be watching series on netflix, scrolling through tumblr and maybe also doing my englsih homework. I scrolled through the many series on netflix and chose to continue the adventurs of Merlin. It was a interesting and funny show. I liked how it also told an amazing legend. The legend of king Arthur.


Six episodes later I needed to pee and decided to just watch more tomorrow. When I got back from the toilet I went on tumblr and scrolled down the timeline ocactionally laughing at a few posts.


I don't know how long I was on, but when I looked at the clock, it was already 11.23 pm, and I had school tomorrow. I got up from my bed and packed my bag. I hurried to do my english homework and afterwards I went into my bathroom. I smelled my armpit and instanty knew I needed a shower.


I undressed and hopped into the shower. The warm water hit my skin like a small waterfall, it was as if the warmth hugged me and it felt really good. The water ran from my head, to my collarbone, to my thights and down to my feet. When I finished the whole bathroom smelled of vanilla. I curled my toes as I steppted onto the cold bathroom tiles. At times like this I wish the floor could be warm, but I didn't want to waste my money on those thing just yet. I dried myself with a towel, and put on a dark blue pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I looked at my reflection in the foggy mirror. What I saw was an orphan that was unsecure and skinny. I hurried to get away from my reflection and tossed myself on my bed. I sighdd deeply and almost fell asleep instantly. But if I slept naked like this in winter I'd be sure to catch a cold, so I got up groaning loudly. I walked over to my closet and began looking for something lose to wear. After tossing several t-shirts on the floor I finally found a navy, size large, t-shirt that'd be perfect to sleep in. I put it on and hurried to get in my bed. I didn't care about the mess I had just made. I'm a guy, what did you expect?


I felt myself slowly drifting into sleep. I was laying half awake and half asleep. Almost in dreamland.

Tap. Tap. Tap.


My eyes flew open and I closely listened. What was that? I listened for 30 seconds before I shook it off and closed my eyes once again.

Tap. Tap. Tap.


It sounded louder this time. Could that be a tree just hitting my window? No, I have no trees! I felt scared, but tried to go back to sleep.

Tap. Tap. Tap.


This time it was right outside my door and I sat up shivering in fear.


"W-who's there?" I asked stuttering. I was seriously terrified and suddenly the door slowly creaked open.


I looked at the door as the thing crept out from its shadows. When I saw it I was speechless. I couldn't belive my own eyes.


This was it.

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