I'm the Beta's Mate?!

Being the new guy in a new country sure is hard, that's what Jack Lopez thinks.
He doesn't know anyone and he isn't very social. But when Jack meets Ash and Bryan things seem to take a drastic turn; Fantasies, stories and imaginations are no longer surreal when Jack learns that he has become friends with the strongest wolves in a pack. The Alpha and the Beta.
What will happen now when Jack also discovers that he is the Beta's mate?
Jack must now face a life full of danger, bullying, homophobia, insecurity, war and loss, but not all is bad when it also has love, friendship, support and a whole new family in it.
Will Jack be able to stay as the Beta's mate or will he loose before anything has begun?
There is only one way to find out...


5. Chapter 3: "Cold feeling"

"In life we always have a choice. Sometimes it's easier to think we don't."




Jack Lopez









I ran as fast as I could over to a police officer I'd spotted earlier. When I saw him I grabbed his jacked and looked at him slightly scared. "Help, I just saw a-a hand!" I stuttered lightly but kept going. "It was bloody a-and it w-was a real hand... It was cut off!" When I told him that the serious police officer suddenly became shocked.


"Where did you see this hand, sir?" He asked me and I looked down at him and straight into the his hazel eyes.


"That way... In the alley." I gave him directions then I followed him as he walked over to the alley. The officer pulled out a gun and went into the famous position you normally only see in movies. He held a flashlight on top of his gun as the light guided him. We reached the spot where I'd seen the human hand, but the officer turned around and looked at me. He seemed annoyed.


"You said it was a human hand, now, if you're pulling a prank on me, an officer, you will seriously get in trouble!" The officer placed his hand on his hip in a kind of sassy way and waited for my reply.


My eyes grew wider. "What?" I pushed the officer gently to the side and looked at the ground. On the bloody ground, where I had earlier seen a hand, there now was a dog's paw. No, a wolf's paw! I looked at the officer. "I'm not playing a prank on you! It was there!" I was getting confused."What is going on?!" I thought.


"Now listen boy, it's probably just some delinquents that are looking for some fun. It's just a prank." The officer laughed hard enough to make his large stomache jump. He scratched his brown moustache and fixed his hat. "It's probably just a dead wolf's paw nothing to worry about." He coughed and then laughed again.


I couldn't believe what I heard . This was a prank?! As if!


"Go home kid, it's getting dark soon, your family will be worri-"


"I don't have a family. I'm an only child, an orphan." I replied more harshly than I intended to. The officer gave me an apolagetic look and soon afterwards we said our goodbyes.


I got home safely, but I kept thinking about what had happened. It seriously shocked me. I have never experienced anything like that, ever! And I'm convinced that it wasn't a prank. Besides, the paw was too big to belong to a normal wolf. What was it? Maybe a dog breed or wolf breed I don't know about?


I plopped myself down on the red sofa, trying to think harder, when all of a sudden Bryan popped up in my mind. His cold green eyes looked at me in a different way. They weren't actually cold anymore. They looked warm and filled with love. As far as I could see he wasn't dressed. His face came closer to mine and he whispered in my ear. "Jack..." His voice was seducive and filled with lust and managed to send a shiver down my spine.


The sound of skin hitting skin was heard as I slapped myself. "What the hell was that?!" I asked myself. Was I really this perverted? No, no, no. It was just my wild imagenation. I got up and went over to my bookshelf. I thought reading would calm me down. I looked trough my collection of books on the top shelf. There were all kinds of books. Horror, thriller, romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy and action. I looked trough them a few times until I chose a book. I grabbed Bait by J. Kent Messum. Its cover was catchy and actually beautiful. The clear blue sea water looked so thrilling and the blood in the water added to the excitement. Gosh, I sounded like a book freak, but I guess that's what I am.


Back in England a teacher asked me if I was reading a new book every week. I giggled when I recalled the memory of my old teacher.


She would often tease me and ask me about my books and drawings. Most of the time she used to laugh at me when she saw my passion for reading and drawing. She was more or less the only friend I had.


Sadly she'd had brain cancer unknowingly for over a month. It had spread to her lungs and she was told, she only had three months left. That was three years ago. I actually missed her even if I didn't know her so well.


I sat down on my soft chair and got comfortable, then I started to read. As soon as I read the first line of the prologue I was caught and transported into another world. It felt like as if I was in the book, living it out. The way the 'game' played out and how the money was exchanged? It was extraordinary.


When I finally put down the book, my living room had become dark. I got up and turned on the lights. They were too bright and I groaned as I was blinded. I looked around and after a second I regained my vision. I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of warm tea. I felt chilly and I blew warm air on my cold hand rubbing them together. Small shivers ran through my body and I put on a navy sweater. I looked out the window and noticed that it was raining.


When the water was finished boiling I poured it into a cup with a tea brief. I let it soak a little and then threw it away. I poured in some milk and sat the cup on the table.


I giggled. "I wonder why people think it's weird to put milk in tea" I said out loud to myself. I sipped on the tea and let the warm liquid run down my throat. I felt my chest grow warmer and I smiled cheerfully. I was just about to sip it again when there was a knock on the door. I looked at the clock. 8:37 pm. "Who could that be?" I asked myself getting up. I went over to my front door and peeked out the little window on the door. I saw a large man in a black raincoat, jeans and green boots. The man was wearing a black hat too and a brown bag. He was a post officer. I opened the door and looked at the man. He was smiling, looking kind, indeed.


"Mr. Lopez?" He asked. I nodded and smiled back at him. "Then this should be yours." He said still keeping on a cheerful face as he handed me a brown box. "You need to sign this and then I'll be off." He said as he now handed me a paper and a pen. I quickly signed the paper and told the man goodbye.


"What a nice guy." I smiled, but then looked at the package. I had no idea what it was or who could have sent it. I decided to look at it later, so I placed the box on the floor in the entryway.


After I finished my cup of tea I wasn't so cold anymore but I still kept the navy sweater on. I cleaned the table and put my cup into the washing machine.


Dirty forks, plates and cups were soon filling the washing machine and I turned it on. I placed the book on its rightful place after placing a red bookmark on the page I had last read. Everything looked nice and clean now. My thoughts wandered back to the box and I went to the entryway to get it. I carried it into the kitchen and placed it on the table. It wasn't that heavy but there was definitely something in it. I tried to remove the tape, but it was hard without a knife. I looked around for my hobby knife which was supposed to be in one of my drawers. I opened the drawer and took out the yellow hobby knife. I went back to the box and began cutting it open. When I had opened it there was a lot of bubble wrap and instantly I began popping the little air bubbles. I was like a little child again. I laid the bubble wrap on the floor and began dancing and jumping on it causing several bubbles to burst at once. When I was sure there weren't any bubbles left I took out the second bubble wrap, but just as I was about to pop them I noticed what was in the box. I never thought that that could be what was in the box. I was surprised and slightly shocked. "Why would anyone send this? And why to me?" I thought. I slowly walked closer to the box and let my hand slip into it. I wanted to see it clearly. My eyes grew wider when I saw it. "Why?" My voice was barely a whisper and I felt chills run down my back. "Why now?".

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