I'm the Beta's Mate?!

Being the new guy in a new country sure is hard, that's what Jack Lopez thinks.
He doesn't know anyone and he isn't very social. But when Jack meets Ash and Bryan things seem to take a drastic turn; Fantasies, stories and imaginations are no longer surreal when Jack learns that he has become friends with the strongest wolves in a pack. The Alpha and the Beta.
What will happen now when Jack also discovers that he is the Beta's mate?
Jack must now face a life full of danger, bullying, homophobia, insecurity, war and loss, but not all is bad when it also has love, friendship, support and a whole new family in it.
Will Jack be able to stay as the Beta's mate or will he loose before anything has begun?
There is only one way to find out...


4. Chapter 2: "better? No, worse!"

"Watching over someone is also a form of love, you know."


Jack Lopez



It never came. I looked up to see Bryan holding the teachers hand. "Mister Acker!" He shouted shocked.


"Jack is the new transfer student," Bryan said bluntly not showing any emotions. "He just arrived today and didn't you know it is against the law to hit a student, Mister Lanchaster?" Bryan asked the old teacher as he twisted his arm behind his back. "Well, I haven't heard of this yet" the old teacher-Mister Lanchaster spat at Bryan.


Bryan glared at him like a dog would glare at his enemies.


"Now you have, and I want you to apologize to him" Bryan's cold voice sent a shiver down my spine. Mister Lanchaster looked at me and then back at Bryan. "Yeah yeah! Now release me this instant!" He scolded Bryan with his hoarse voice. Bryan did as he was told and released him. Mister Lanchaster rubbed his wrist before he looked at me. Wait, scratch that. Glared at me with hell reflecting in his eyes.


"Well, Jack, I am terribly sorry for this inconvinent misunderstanding, I do hope for your forgiveness." He said holding back a growl. I just nodded. What do you say in a situation like this?


"Now both of you, go to your classes!" He hissed at us before leaving our sight.


I sighed relived. "Thanks, you really saved me back ther-"


"Next time, atleast try to stand up for yourself," Bryan cut me off with a cold and empty voice. Before I could even think of saying anything, Bryan had already left and I was standing alone in the hallway. I looked at the clock hanging on the wall and I realised I was way too late.


After slamming the door open, panting, disturbing the class, apologizing, introducing myself and finding a seat in the back row the only thing I could think of was Bryan. His voice was so cold and his eyes were piercing. He was nothing like anyone I've ever met. Why did Ash want me to meet him? To give him a friend? Wait, he has the looks to be a model! Surely he has many friends, unless he is a pedofile in disguise.


Bryan's face was burned to the back of my head. The green orbs that looked so cold yet filled with such a great love were a work of art. His facial structures were masquline yet smooth. His plum lips were dull but still held so many wonderful but tiny details. I wanted to capture the cold face he made when he saved me. The face that looked cold but held so many hidden emotions, secrets and gentle care.


Suddenly the clock ringed and I realised that I had been sketching. I look at the sketch and I reconice who it was right away. I had unknowingly sketched a person with a wolf besides him. That's odd, but I like how it turned out. It was slightly messy and unclear but I saw clearly that the person was Bryan. I hurried to pack my bag and leave the classroom. Now I just have to survive the rest of the day.


The next class went like any other, nothing special and mainly boring. It was a bit of a challange to keep my attention on the teacher but luckily it was over quickly. I couldn't get that sketch out of my mind though, I wonder if it perhaps means something, or maybe it's just nothing. I shook the thought out of my mind and made my way to my locker. I wrote the code and when I open the locker a note with a pink heart on fell out. Confused I picked up the note and opened it.


Dear Kyle.


Kyle? Isn't that the guy who has the locker next to mine? Nevermind.


Dear Kyle.


No words can tell you just how I feel about you but I know that I am in love with you.


I wish you could see me as I see you but you probably don't even know who I am.


I've liked you ever since last year.


I just had to tell you this


You make me smile when the skies are grey and you can always make me happy. Even if you don't talk to me.


Your happiness is my happiness.


I love you.




Great. First day at school and I have already gotten a "friend", almost got beaten by a teacher, saved by my "prince in shining armour" and gotten a love letter adressed to someone else. What a crazy day and it's not even 3 pm yet!


I looked at the letter and back at my locker. I slipped the letter into Kyle's locker and took my leave.


* * * *


The soft breeze was a bit chilly and tickled my skin. I walked torwards the nearest shopping center. As I entered, the warmth swayed over me as the coldness left my body. I grabbed a shopping cart and began looking for the groceries I needed.


"I have to buy milk, sugar, butter, a new light bulb, toilet paper, bread and shampoo," I mumbled reading my shopping list and put the things in the shopping cart as I found them. When I had found them all I went over to the cashier to pay for it.


Beep. Beep. Beep.


The cashier scaned the groceries and the prizes showed up on the little screen.


"40 dollars and 31 cents, sir," she said smiling friendly at me. I handed her 45 dollars and told her to keep the change.


After putting my groceries in a bag I was out in the cold once again. I walked past shop windows not bothering to look at all the things I wish I had but didn't. As I walked torwards an almost empty street I heard someone scream. I looked around, frightened, trying to find the sourse of the sound. I heard the scream again and it was clear that it was from the ally right ahead. I ran over to it hoping it was nothing. I reached the ally and there was no one there. A wave of relief washed over me and I giggled.


"It was probably just a joke," I told myself but as I looked closely I saw a bloody hand. No body, just a hand. Fear hit me and I ran away as fast as I could.



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