Your Life Saver

Where has it gone?
You need it.
You have to have it.
Your Life Saver.

(Slightly mature scenes).


2. The Search:

Your eyes scanned the forest floor.

You had just dropped it, where has it gone?

You hear the faint sound of a stick snapping.

You haven’t got much time.

You scan the floor again, looking of any traces of it.

You hear the sound of horse hooves agents the dead leaves.

You feel the wind blowing westerly, so you follow.

You can know hear dogs barking, a man yelling to someone, or to something.

You grab your horse, and straddle the seat.

You follow the wind towards the cliff edge.

Hooves get louder, barking gets closer, yelling gets more focused.

How much longer?

You slap the back hip of your horse.

Your horse speeds up, making a new rhythm.

There is the cliff clearing up ahead, so you slow down.

The barking had subsided, but they’re still coming.

You jump off the saddle, and run to the edge of the cliff.

Down below the River Time runs.

You don’t know if you will ever see your horse again.

With a quick, “Rail Road” whisper, your horse heads south, back to your hide out.


hi guys,

i know this is a short chapter, most of them will be , but i really hope you enjoyed it. i had loads of fun writing it!! 



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