ċѧṭċһ ṃє {COMPLETE}


"No" I said looking down at my shoes. "Then why?" He asked. I looked up at him. My eyes started to water, and so did his.
"I thought...I knew you were going to leave me anyways" I said as a tear fell from my face onto my shirt. "Everyone always does".


10. We know you like her


We got back to Liam's house. I laughed walking in and all the boys looked at me. "What time is it?" Ashton asked. "It's six fifty" calum said.

i looked at Luke and smiled big. "Can you hold my boyfriend for a sec" I asked him. He smiled "my please mam" he said smiling big. I handed him the dog. I took out my phone and giggled. I texted Liam. 

"Thank you" I said smiling. I grabbed him. I almost tripped and almost fell on the way to the kitchen. Luke laughed hard. "Shut up" I laughed. "Your so clumsy" he laughed. He carried me like a baby. He brought me to the kitchen and I sat down. 

"There safe" he said. He laughed. I couldn't help but laugh too. I turned and saw the boys looking at us funny. 

I turned back around. "Water?" He asked.

"yeah thanks" I said. He filled the glass with water and was walking over to me. He tripped and dropped water after. I laughed hard. "Need me to carry you?" I asked laughing. "Whatever" he said smiling then tickled me a little. 

Then I heard the keys on the door. I turned and saw Harry and Niall walk in.

then zayn and Louis. Then finally liam. I ran up to him and wrapped my legs around him and kissed him softly.

"well I see someone missed me" he smiled. I got down.

"yes" I said smiling. "Wanna go eat dinner? Although it's a little late" he asked smiling. 

"Love too" I said. We walked out.


they left. Great. We were having a good time. I walked into the living room with everyone else. Micheal and calum laughed. "What?" I asked.

"you like her don't you?" Calum asked.

"I knew it!" Harry inturupted.

"what? No" I said.

"shut up. We can all tell" Ashton said smiling.

"how?" I asked.

"you get mad when Liam says it's his girlfriend" Niall said.

"the tickling?" Micheal said.

"carrying her?" Ashton said.

"you carried her?" Zayn asked laughing.

i shrugged blushing.

"it's cool...she likes you back" Ashton said.

"really?" I asked happy.

"yeah. You can tell" calum said.

i smiled. She likes me back?i smiled to myself.

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