ċѧṭċһ ṃє {COMPLETE}


"No" I said looking down at my shoes. "Then why?" He asked. I looked up at him. My eyes started to water, and so did his.
"I thought...I knew you were going to leave me anyways" I said as a tear fell from my face onto my shirt. "Everyone always does".


69. Month 2

1 month later.

"So how long are you?" Delia asked.
"Two and a half months" I replied and she nodded.
I hardly even had a bump. My jeans still fit so I was happy. I just didn't wear them as often. There was a knock. "I'll get it" Delia smiled and opened the door. In came Micheal, Calum, Harry, Louis, zayn, Niall, Ashton, Kiara, Shyanne, and Liam. 
Then finally Luke came in with a girl smiling. 

"Um uh uh who's that?" I asked Ashton softly. "Well we met her a week ago and she has become very friendly with Luke. We went to sixflags together" he smiled.
I nodded and watched Luke and this girl.
"Her name is Stella" he said. I nodded and sat on the couch. 

Suddenly Eleanor and perrie walked in. 
Shyanne walked up to me. "Hey" she said.
"Long time no talk" she said. I nodded. She looked at her feet awkwardly. "How are you and Liam?" I asked.
"Good" she faked a smile. 

Liam walked up and hugged me. "You don't even look pregnat" he smiled.
" well it's only been two months" I laughed. He nodded and stepped back. 
Perrie and zayn held hands tightly and snapped into the middle of the room. "Me and perrie have something to say!" Zayn said.

"Were getting married!" Perrie said excited. We all clapped. I walked over and kissed zayn on the cheek. "Congradulations" I smiled. 
I walked up and hugged perrie tightly. "I'm so happy for you" she smiled.
"And I'm so happy for you" she said as she looked down at my belly. I smiled and turned to see Luke finally coming up to me.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.
"Nauseous" I replied and walked away.

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