ċѧṭċһ ṃє {COMPLETE}


"No" I said looking down at my shoes. "Then why?" He asked. I looked up at him. My eyes started to water, and so did his.
"I thought...I knew you were going to leave me anyways" I said as a tear fell from my face onto my shirt. "Everyone always does".


40. Favor

I woke up and saw Luke was still asleep. I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair. It was messy and adorable. Last night was beautiful.
Luke is so perfect. This moment was perfect. He smiled and pulled me close, his eyes still closed. Suddenly he looked up and I could see his beautiful blue eyes looked up at me.

We locked our fingers together, as I played with out hands together.
"I love you" he whispered out.
"I love you more" I whispered back.
"No you don't".
He suddenly sat up like me.
I nodded smiling. He shook his head.
"That's not possible" he smiled.
"How much I love you is very possible to be much more than yours" I laughed. He laughed and kissed me on my cheek. 

"What time is it?" I asked.
He looked around for his phone. He laughed.
"oh yeah.." I said as I grabbed his phone from the floor. I handed it to him.
"Thank you beautiful" he said as he kissed me.
He looked down at his phone. 
I got up to get back into my dress. I pulled it on and began to zip up the zipper.
"Oh no" Luke said.

"What?" I asked as I zipped it up all the way.
"Ashton and Kiara broke up last night".
"Why?" I asked as I jumped back into the bed and sat next to him.
"Apparently Kiara told Luke she was in love with, calum".
"Really?" I asked surprised. He nodded. "Wow".

"Yeah, Ashton is devistated, and pretty pissed at Calum".
"Why? It's not his fault" I asked.
"Well he said he shouldn't have had flirted with his girlfriend" Luke said.

"And what does Calum say?".
"He doesn't feel the same about Kiara, he says".
"What do you mean he says?".
"I mean, we all kinda could tell he had a think for her" Luke said. 

"That sucks for Calum" I said.
"Yeah, so she went from a good boyfriend to nothing".
I nodded "true".
"Babe...." He said smiling big.
"What?" I asked suspicious, laughing.
"Maybe when we get home...you could talk to Ashton...you know cheer him up. None of the guys really know what to say to him".

"What about Eleanor? Or perrie! Or Shyanne?" I asked.

"Eleanor is out of town with her family. And Shyanne doesn't know what to say. And perrie is on tour".
I nodded. "Okay I'll talk to him, first thing when we get home".
He smiled.
"Your amazing".
"What do you want now!?" I laughed.
"You!" He said. I laughed as he pulled me close and kissed me softly.

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