ċѧṭċһ ṃє {COMPLETE}


"No" I said looking down at my shoes. "Then why?" He asked. I looked up at him. My eyes started to water, and so did his.
"I thought...I knew you were going to leave me anyways" I said as a tear fell from my face onto my shirt. "Everyone always does".


45. Do you trust him?

-two weeks later-

"Yeah" Delia said. I nodded as I took a drink of my soda.
"So..I met a guy actually" she smiled big.
"Really? Who?" I asked.
"His name is Joseph" she smiled.
I smiled big. "Oo well he sounds cute. Is he?" I asked smiling.
"Yeah he is" she laughed.

"So are you guys dating?".
"Well we have been on two dates and the next one is tonight" she smiled.
"Have you heard from Shyanne?" She asked.
I shook my head.
"That's great and no".
"Well don't worry...she will get around. She's just upset because she doesn't want to believe it".

I suddenly got a call. It was Luke. "It's Luke".
"Answer" she smiled. I answered.
"Hello" I said.
"Hey beautiful...just wanted to tell you goodnight".
"It's four in the afternoon here" I laughed.
"It's like twelve in the morning over here" he laughed.
"Well goodnight, I love you".
"I love you too" he said.
"I miss you too" I said.
"Oh trust me babe, not as much as I miss you" he said. I smiled.
"Wanna bet?" I laughed.
"Oh yes beautiful" he laughed.
"You should get some sleep...call me later when you wake up. I don't care if it's four in the morning my time" I said.
"Okay bye love you" he said.
"Love you too" I said. I hung up.

I hope me and Joseph are like you two" Delia said.
"Why?" I laughed.
"Because you guys are the perfect match. Perfect couple".
I smiled big "thank you".
She nodded. 

"Is it hard?" She asked.
"Still being a couple when he's away..".
I nodded "yeah. I really miss him".
She nodded "that sucks".

"Maybe we should stop by Shyanne's and see her. We should talk to her about Liam" I said.
She nodded. "Yeah let's go".
We got in my car and drove there. I stopped the car and we walked up to the door and knocked. No answer. I knocked again. No answer again.
I called her.

"Were at your place. Open up".
"Ohh...about that. I'm not home".
"Then where are you..I think we should talk".
"I'm in the hotel with the guys".
I hung up.
"What happened?" Delia asked.
"She's with the guys" I said upset.
"What's wrong?".
"It's just..she's kissed Luke. And what if-" I began to say.
"She does it again?".
I nodded. She shook her head.
"Relationships are all about trust". 
I nodded "I know..".
"Do you trust him?". 


I unlocked the door. I walked in and began to walk to my room. "Hey grandma" I said and turned. She wasn't in the living room. I walked into the kitchen. She wasn't there either. I walked into the hall. 
"Grandma?" I asked.
I walked into her room to find her on the floor.
"Grandma!" I screamed. I fell onto the floor on my knees and took out my phone and called 911.

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