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"No" I said looking down at my shoes. "Then why?" He asked. I looked up at him. My eyes started to water, and so did his.
"I thought...I knew you were going to leave me anyways" I said as a tear fell from my face onto my shirt. "Everyone always does".


25. Come with me.


-the next morning-

I woke up and saw Shyanne. She had finally got home in the middle of the night then. She still had makeup on and he hair was messy. She was sleeping quietly though. I got up and took a shower. I walked out and she was awake. 

"What time is it?" She moaned.

She moaned and sat up. "I'm so exhausted!" She said as she got up and walked to the restroom. I could hear her turn the shower on. I sat down and took the towel off my head and began to brush my hair out. 

I grabbed my phone and went on Twitter. Thousands of new tweets with my name in it. I checked them. Mainly hate.
One said: "just heard that she back with Liam. She needs to learn to not be a terrible girlfriend and maybe she won't get dumped again".

Back with Liam? I'm not back with Liam. I searched his name on Google and checked news. And there it was on the TeenMagazine.org. Great. Hate for doing absolutely nothing. They had a picture of me and Liam at the party. Talking up on the roof. So now they think I'm dating him again.

I signed out of my twitter and figured I shouldn't log onto my Instagram. I heard my phone ring. I answered it.
"Hey" Luke said.

"What's up Luke?".
"Come over to our hotel".
"Can't. Still getting ready" I replied.
"Hurry beautiful" he replied.
I loved that he called me beautiful, but why? Why would he call me that all the sudden? He hasn't called me that since we broke up. I shrugged. 

After I got ready I began to walk out. "Where you going?" Shyanne asked.
"Um Luke just told me to meet him" I said as I grabbed the door nob. "Me too, we'll go together" she said as she stood up. I moaned to myself. Why is she everywhere? 

We walked out and I knocked on Luke's room door. He opened it and we walked in. Everyone was in there. I smiled and sat down. "Okay so in about twenty minuetes were going to go see Madison Square Garden" Ashton said smiling.

"Awesome" Kiara said smiling.
"For what?" I asked confused.
"Were playing there tonight, and we have practice today" Ashton replied.
I nodded.

I always wanted to go to Madison Square Garden. So I guess I was pretty excited. "So we should head out" Calum said. I nodded and we all began to walk out. I walked next to Calum. "Can I ride with you?" I asked him.
He nodded. 

"Of course" he said. I smiled and we got out to the parking lot.
"Comon" Luke said.
"Yeah" he nodded.
"I'm riding with Calum".
"You are? Why?".
"Why can't i?".
"I'll ride with you guys too".
Calum smiled and nodded and so did I. He got in the car with us. I sat in the front with calum and Luke sat in the back.

"Have you ever been there?".
Calum nodded. "With the one direction guys" he replied.
I nodded "big?".
"You've never been there? Not for a concert?" He asked as he drove out of the parking lot.
I shook my head "nope".

"Well I think your going to love it. It's  pretty big" he smiled. I smiled.
"Yeah I think you are" Luke said. "Cool" I replied.
Finally we were there an Calum stopped the car. 

It was pretty. Calum saw the smile on my face. "I knew it" Calum said. "Whatever" I giggled. We all walked in and saw all the seats. 
"I bet you guys are going to sell this all out".
"You think so?" Calum asked.
"Defenitely" I replied.

"Want to go up on the stage?" Luke asked.
Then I heard over voices. Everyone was here. I nodded and he held my hand and led me up to behind the stage.

"Here's where you'll be" Luke smiled pointing to this place with big black speakers, that I dought anyone used.
"Where do I sit?".
"On those speakers. There's seats". 
I suddenly felt stupid. I laughed "cool".

Calum came up and we got up on stage. Getting on there made me feel dizzy. I imagined all those people screaming and singing along loudly. How do they do it? It's just insane. 
"Feel like this is where you belong?" Calum asked.
"Not really. I feel dizzy".
"That's the point".
I laughed and smiled and looked over at him. 
"You too. You make me crazy and dizzy" I laughed.
"That's the point" he said suddenly standing closer.

I quickly sat down. "You okay?" He asked.
"You sure?".
I nodded. He nodded back. That didn't count as a moment. Me and Calum are just friends. That's it. I like Luke. That's it. He's meant for me, not Calum.

Calum walked away and I sat there on stage by myself. Luke came up from behind me.
"Hey" I replied.
He sat next to me.
"What are you thinking about?" He asked.
I smiled, thinking he knows everything.
"I didn't just come to New York to watch my friends perform. My dad lives here. I haven't seen him since he left me and my mom".

"So you came to see him?".
"I did. But I don't know? What if he doesn't want to see me".
"Trust me. He would love to see and meet you" he smiled and I looked at him. 
"Will you cone with me?".
He smiled big "of course".




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