Hired For Ambrose (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 18 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 5 Aug 2014
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Hired For Ambrose; Dean is a professional WWE Superstar, Rumors are going around that Dean has a girlfriend within the company, Renee. Rules in the company is you can't really date within the company. Mark and Jane gets the news and searches for a girlfriend for Ambrose for the cover up. They come across WWE Fan Kim who is a huge fan of Dean Ambrose and takes her in. Little do they know, Kim and Dean already met once, but never knew they would meet again. Kims dream comes true when she is placed as Dean Ambrose's girlfriend. A little sometime later down the road, Kim gets her second dream come true and signs with WWE to make her love life with Dean seem more real. But soon later when the contract expires, Kim has the option to end it with Dean or the WWE. Also, Dean finds himself falling in love with the wrong girl. Who? Read and find out.


14. WrestleMania Weekend

(Hall Of Fame) 

Dean: *arrives with kim* 

Reporter 1: Kim, what are we expected to see tomorrow night at WrestleMania? 

Kim: Um. *chuckles* A lot of things. 

Reporter 1: What kind? 

Kim: Duh, me winning and retaining my title. 

Dean: *laughs* 

Kim: *laughs* I'm just kidding, but yes me retaining and winning and you're gonna see a lot of fighting and I don't think we're gonna really stay in the ring, so who knows. 

Reporter 1: Alright thank you Kim. 

Reporter 2: Here at the Hall of Fame Ceremony, who are you most excited to see? 

Kim: Wow, um, there's so many legends here. *fangirls* I don't know who I'm more excited to see. Everyone is a favorite right now. *laughs* 

Reporter 2: Do you have a diva you are dying to have a match with? 

Kim: Yes, I would love to wrestle Sable or Chyna, I think they are such a great badass. 

Reporter 2: You're match tomorrow at WrestleMania, are you ready to go against AJ? 

Kim: Oh I've been ready, I'm always ready, always set, and ready to go. 

Reporter 2: Awesome, do you think you will win? 

Kim: Oh I will retain. *smiles*  

Dean: *greets kim and takes their seats* 


AJ: *getting ready backstage* 

Kim: *walks up to aj* Hey April. 

AJ: Hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: I just want to congratulate you on tonight's victory because I don't think I would be able to say if after. 

AJ: Aw, well thanks Kim, it really means a lot. I love working with you and I hope you return soon. 

Kim: *holds in her tears* Thank you AJ. 

AJ: *hugs kim* 

(Backstage Segment) 

Eden: Kim, in a few minutes you are having your first WrestleMania and your first title defense tonight, how are you feeling right now? You must be feeling nervous with all that crowd and reactions right? 

Kim: *smiles and grabs the mic* Eden, I love the WWE. *tries not to cry* I worked my ass off to get here and I am finally here. WrestleMania, where dreams come true and where legends return. Never had I picture myself here today, but I am. And never could I picture myself out of this company. I live, I breathe, and I will linger for this company my whole life. But apparently, not everyone's gets to live their dream. Tonight, whether I win or lose tonight, I am leaving this awesome, awesome incredible company.  

Eden: How? How come? 

Kim: *cries* How do I say this? Let's just put it this way. I'm leaving on good terms. *smiles* 

Eden: Well win or lose tonight, best of luck to you Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks Eden. 

AJ: *music hits and makes her way to the ring* 

Kim: *music hits and makes her way to the ring* 

AJ: *locks up with kim* 

Kim: *locks up with aj* 

AJ: *pushes kim to the ropes and slowly lets go* 

Kim: *knees aj* 

AJ: *falls to one knee* 

Kim: *picks aj up and goes back and forth with punches* 

AJ: *reverses and clotheslines kim* 

Kim: *falls to the ground/gets up and attacks aj* 

AJ: *brawls with kim to the ringside* 

Kim: *throws aj to the barricades* 

AJ: *gets up and runs to kim* 

Kim: *spears aj* 

AJ: *laid out* 

Kim: *sets aj onto the announcers table* 

Jerry: Oh my god! Is she doing what I'm think she's gonna do? 

JBL: Now this is awesome right here. *laugsh* 

Kim: *gets in the ring/climbs to the top turnbuckle* 

AJ: *laying on the table* 

Kim: *does a backflip off the turnbuckles onto AJ* 

AJ *breaks thru the table with kim* 

Kim: *out cold* 

AJ: *out cold* 

Ref: *calls off the match* 

Jerry: Oh my god! What the hell just happened?! 

Refs: *checks up on kim and aj*  

Justin: Due to a knock out, the winner of this match and still your Divas Champion, Kim! 

Kim: *twitches and gets up and lays on aj* Are you ok? 

AJ: *wakes up* Yeah. 

Kim: *sits up and grabs the mic* Re, restart the match! 

Ref: We can't, you and AJ are not in good condition to fight. 

Kim: *arguing back* Restart the match I said! *turns around* 

AJ: *attacks kim* 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has restarted the match. 

Kim: *pushes aj off her and runs into the ring* 

AJ: *gets up and runs into the ring* 

Kim: *turns around* 

AJ: *goes for the black widow* 

Kim: *taps out* 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

Justin: The winner of this match by submission... and new! Divas Champion, AJ Lee! 

AJ: *kneels onto her knees and cries* 

Kim: *cries to her knees* 

AJ: *jumps on kim and hugs her* 

Kim: *crying* 

AJ: *goes and grabs the mic* Kim, thank you for this awesome match, I wish nothing but the best for your future. 

Kim: *cries and hugs aj* 

AJ: *hands the mic to kim and leaves the ring* 

Kim: *takes the mic* I just... *exhales* I just want to thank you all for this awesome, awesome ride with the WWE. You were all so supportive when I first came in, and as the days went by, I started hearing boos, but they nevered stopped me from wanting to continue living my dreams. *cries* You all hold a very special spot in my heart and I will never forget guys. Thank you. *puts the mic down and heads to the back*

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