Hired For Ambrose (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 18 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 5 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
Hired For Ambrose; Dean is a professional WWE Superstar, Rumors are going around that Dean has a girlfriend within the company, Renee. Rules in the company is you can't really date within the company. Mark and Jane gets the news and searches for a girlfriend for Ambrose for the cover up. They come across WWE Fan Kim who is a huge fan of Dean Ambrose and takes her in. Little do they know, Kim and Dean already met once, but never knew they would meet again. Kims dream comes true when she is placed as Dean Ambrose's girlfriend. A little sometime later down the road, Kim gets her second dream come true and signs with WWE to make her love life with Dean seem more real. But soon later when the contract expires, Kim has the option to end it with Dean or the WWE. Also, Dean finds himself falling in love with the wrong girl. Who? Read and find out.


7. SummerSlam Event

Kim: *sitting in silence* 

Dean: That's our flight, c'mon. 

Kim: *gets up* 

Dean: *sees cameras and grabs kims hand and smiles* 

Kim: *looks up and sees the cameras* 

Dean: *has kim goes first thru the security* 

Kim: *goes thru security* 

Dean: *follows behind* 

(Arrival In LA) 

Dean: *checks into the hotel* 

Kim: *checks into her hotel room* 

Dean: I'll see you in a bit or later. 

Kim: Yeah. *walks off* 

Dean: *getting ready* 

Kim: *gets ready* 

Dean: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: *opens the door* 

Dean: *smiles* Wow. *chuckles* You look beautiful. 

Kim: Thanks. 

Dean: You ready? 

Kim: Yeah, was just waiting on you. 

Dean: Alright, let's go then. *holds kims hand and walks out to the limo* 

Fans: *taking pics* 

Paparazzi's: *taking pics* 

Fans: Dean! Dean! 

Dean: *arrives at the event with kim* 

Cameras: *following and taking pics* 

Reporter 1: Wow you and Kim look great tonight Dean. 

Dean: *smiles* Thanks. 

Kim *smiles* Thank you, if it wasn't for Dean, I wouldn't be here. He's a great man, I love him. *looks at dean and fakes a smile* 

Dean: *smiles* 

Reporter 1: Is it true that you been training at the Performance Center to become a WWE Talent? 

Kim: Actually, not just to become a WWE Talent, but to get my revenge on Nikki Bella. She manipulated me, and then she attacked me and kicked me. Not just that, but she put me in the Rack Attack, and I hope she hears this because when I come back, I will destroy her even more than what she did to me. 

Reporter 1: Wow, you got yourself a feisty girlfriend there Dean. 

Dean: *chuckles* Yeah, I do. 

Reporter 1: Alright, well thank you and see you around. 

Dean: Yeah you too man. *walks off with kim in his arms* You did good for your first interview. 

Kim: Thanks. 

Reporter 2: Kim, can we have a few words with you? 

Kim: *looks at dean and moves his arm* Yeah, of course. *smiles* 

Dean: *stands a side* 

Reporter 2: When are you actually planning on returning to face Nikki Bella? 

Kim: I actually am ready, I'm so ready that I can rip her head off. *smiles* 

Reporter 2: And when do you plan on returning. 

Kim: Oh I've been ready to return, I just need a few more touches and then I'm here. 

Nikki: *interrupts* Oh my gosh Kim, I thought I would never see you again. *smiles* It's so good to see you here. 

Kim: *stares down with nikki* Oh you know I always come Nikki. 

Nikki: Good because it looks to me that you been training hard and I also heard that your first target is gonna be me. Look, I never meant to attack you like that Kim. You know me better. 

Kim: No I don't Nikki! I am done with trust and with you! Who knows what you might have planned for me tonight. 

Nikki: *laughs* 

Reporter 2: Can we get some securities over here please. 

Kim: If I was you, I would watch my back. *rolls her eyes and takes off* 

Nikki: That was rude. *walks off* 

(SummerSlam Live Event) 

Nikki: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Hey Nikki. *smiles* 

Nikki: I heard you been kicking ass at the center. 

Kim: Not really. 

Nikki: I'm so excited to get in the ring with you next month. 

Kim: I'm not coming next month. 

Nikki: What? Why. 

Kim: I'm gonna extended it until another five years. 

Nikki: Kim? Why, what happened? 

Kim: Nothing, I'm just not ready. 

Nikki: That's all lies, Mark and Jane got the clips and they showed me, you are great! 

Kim: Joey, I knew it.  

Janet: Hi, I'm Janet, you must be Kim right? 

Kim: Yeah, I am. 

Nikki: Kim, Janet is a great make-up and hair stylist, you'll love her. 

Kim: I can do it myself. 

Nikki: No, let Janet do it, you'll look really great, I promise. 

Kim: Ok. 

Nikki: Well I'm gonna go get ready, I'll see you later. 

Kim: Ok, you too. 

Janet: *fixes kim up* 

Dean: *warming up* 

Renee: Hey Mr. haven't seen you in a while. *hugs dean* 

Dean: *hugs renee back* Me neither, how are you? 

Kim: *getting some fruits to eat* 

Randy: Hey. 

Kim: Oh my gosh! Hi Randy! *smiles big* 

Randy: Yeah, I know, first time meeting since you were live with us last month. 

Kim: Yeah, I'm sorry, can I get a hug? 

Randy: Yeah. *hugs kim*  

Kim: *hugs randy back* 

Randy: First PPV with us huh. 

Kim: Yeah, it's pretty crazy. *chuckles* 

Randy: Well, welcome to Summerslam, I look forward to seeing you in the company real soon. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you Randy. *chuckles* Mean a lot coming from you. 

Randy: *smiles* Alright, I'll see you around. 

Kim: *chuckles* Ok. 

Randy: *smiles and leaves* 

Naomi: Hey girl. 

Kim: Hey Trinity. 

Naomi: How are you? *hugs kim* 

Kim: I been better, and just talking to Randy right now, makes me more nervous and excited to come onto the main roster. 

Naomi: Yeah, I heard you improved a lot since I was with you. 

Kim: Yeah, I have actually. 

Naomi: Well since you're not doing anything, let's walks around and see who we come across. I'm sure you want to meet more WWE Talents then just myself, Nikki Bella, and Dean Ambrose. 

Kim: Yeah, I actually want to meet a few, but never gotten the chance. 

Brie: *warming up* 

Naomi: Brie, have you met Kim? 

Brie: No, I haven't. *smiles* Nice to meet you Kim, I'm very excited for you to get on the main roster. 

Kim: I am as well Brie; it's such an honor to meet you. 

Brie: You too, I can't wait to see you wrestle. 

Kim: Aw, thanks. *smiles* 

Naomi: Ok, well we're gonna go around, see you later. 

Brie: Ok. *cont. warming up* 

Triple H.: Welcome to Summerslam Kim, Stephanie and I are looking forward to seeing you come onto the main roster next month. 

Kim: *smiles* It's such a honor to meet you two. 

Stephanie: We are as well, we can't wait to see you. We heard you improved a lot, not just that, but the most improved over there. 

Kim: I guess. *chuckles* 

Triple H.: Well it's nice you have a friend to show you around. Shouldn't you be with Dean? 

Kim: I wasn't told to be with him. 

Triple H.: Maybe you should be with him right now. 

Kim: Ok. *looks at Naomi nervously* 

Naomi: Alright, well let's go find Dean then Kim. 

Kim: Ok, nice talking to you two, see you guys around. *smiles and leaves with Naomi* 

Naomi: They're not really that mean. 

Kim: No, they weren't. 

Dean: Hey? 

Kim: Um, Hunter told me to meet up with you? 

Dean: For what? 

Kim: I don't know. Show doesn't start until another hour and a half. 

Dean: Just go tour around. 

Naomi: Actually, what I think Hunter meant was, it's your job to show her around. 

Dean: Oh, well you can do it. *walks off* 

Naomi: Wasn't I already? Well anyways, c'mon Kim.  

Summerslam: *starts* 

Dean: *having a quick last warm up* 

Kim: Hey. 

Dean: You ready? 

Kim: Yeah, I guess so. 

Dean: Alright, let's do this. *walks to the side* 

Camera Man: We're live in 3, 2, 1... 

Kim: *walking* 

Nikki: Hey Kim. *smiles* It's so good to see you, I mean, I thought you would have been in a wheel chair or on crutches knowing you took a beating from me last month. 

Kim: *smiles* Well hello Nikki, I don't think I need to be on crutches or in a wheelchair. That beating wasn't even anything. I had taken worst from others! Your beating was more like a what should I rate it? Oh a 2. Yeah, a 2 Nikki, I hope you are ready because when I come back, it won't ever be the same again. 

Nikki: *slaps kim* 

Kim: *attacks nikki* 

Refs: *breaking up the fight* 

Dean: Hey! Hey! *pulls kim afar*  

Cameras: *goes off* 

Nikki: Are you ok? 

Kim: It's all good. *chuckles* 

Nikki: I swear I didn't mean to slap you that hard. 

Kim: No, you did great actually. 

Nikki: *hugs kim* I'm sorry. *laughs* 

Kim: *laughs* 

(Later That Event) 

Dean: Alright, we're up. 

Kim: *smiles nervously* I'm nervous. 

Dean: *laughs* Why? 

Kim: It's gonna be my first time in the WWE ring. 

Dean: Better get used to it, c'mon. 

Kim: Ok. 

(Dean's Music Plays) 

Dean: This is it, c'mon. *walking out with kim* 

Kim: *gets in the ring and smiles* 

Cameras: *shows what happened earlier with Kim and Nikki* 

Dean: *raises kims hand up* That's my girl! *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Seth: *comes out next* 

Kim: *goes and sits by the ringside* 

Seth: *beating dean up and drags him to rope for a close up for kim* I'm gonna destroy your boyfriend right in front of you! *kicks dean* 

Dean: *gets back up and attacks seth* 

Kane: *comes out and chokeslams dean* 

Seth: *pins dean and wins* 

Kim: *gets in the ring to check on dean* 

Seth: *gets back in the ring* 

Kim: *looks at seth* 

Seth: *walks over to kim and smiles* 

Kim: *slowly gets up and walks into the corner* 

Seth: *laughs and traps kim* How are you my lady? Like what happened to your boyfriend? 

Kim: *turns away 

Seth: *pulls kim* 

Kim: *slaps seth* 

Seth: *angrily grabs kims hand and then kisses her* 

Dean: *gets up and attacks seth from behind* 

Kim: *screams and runs out the ring to the back* 

Seth: *brawls with dean thru the crowds*

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