Hired For Ambrose (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 18 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 5 Aug 2014
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Hired For Ambrose; Dean is a professional WWE Superstar, Rumors are going around that Dean has a girlfriend within the company, Renee. Rules in the company is you can't really date within the company. Mark and Jane gets the news and searches for a girlfriend for Ambrose for the cover up. They come across WWE Fan Kim who is a huge fan of Dean Ambrose and takes her in. Little do they know, Kim and Dean already met once, but never knew they would meet again. Kims dream comes true when she is placed as Dean Ambrose's girlfriend. A little sometime later down the road, Kim gets her second dream come true and signs with WWE to make her love life with Dean seem more real. But soon later when the contract expires, Kim has the option to end it with Dean or the WWE. Also, Dean finds himself falling in love with the wrong girl. Who? Read and find out.


12. #1 Cont./Night Of Champions

Dean: *waiting for renee* Hey. *smiles* 

Renee: What do you want? 

Dean: We're gonna leave together, I'm no longer in the contract with Kim. 

Renee: *smiles* Great, but sorry. *walks off* 

Dean: Renee! *runs to renee* Look, I'm sorry things went that way with us ok. 

Kim: *sees dean talking with renee* 

Renee: I don't want you Dean, I don't want a cheater. 

Dean: I wasn't cheating when you're in contract with them. 

Renee: Yeah, but you're only supposed to be together for the public. The hotel is not public! 

Dean: Ok! I get it! I'm sorry you are such a jealous girl. *walks off* 

Renee: *walks off mad* 

(The Next Month) 

Tamina: Hi, you're Kim correct? 

Kim: Yeah, I am. 

Tamina: It's nice to meet you, I'm Tamina, I'm told I'm wrestling you tonight. 

Kim: Oh? I wasn't inform on having a match today, but a segment. 

Tamina: Yeah, it was a last minute change. 

Kim: Oh, ok, well I look forward to having a match with you... Tamina. *smiles* 

Tamina: Me too, see you out there. 

Nikki: A match with Tamina? 

Kim: *putting on her kneepads* Yeah, I know.  

Nikki: *laughs* Good luck because I don't think I'm gonna be out there tonight. 

Kim: Well we were supposed to. 

Mark: Oh there you girls are.  

Kim: What happened to the segment? 

Mark: You are facing Tamina tonight for the number one contenders for the Divas title and as for you Nikki, you're gonna walk out to the ring after the match and try to attack Kim when she's not looking, and then you two will start to brawl. 

Nikki: Sounds awesome. 

Kim: Alright, I'm gonna go warm up, I'll see you in a bit. *leaves to warm up* 

Dean: You guys seen Kim? 

Naomi: No. 

Dean: You seen Kim? 

Randy: No I haven't. 

Dean: Alright thanks. 

Kim: *bending over and stretching out* 

Dean: Oh, there you are. 

Kim: *stands up and stretches her arms out* Yeah, what do you want? 

Dean: So you can't even say hi to me anymore? I mean we became pretty close and good friends within those three months. 

Kim: Yeah. *puts her legs on the table and stretches* 

Dean: Can you stop stretching and talk with me please. 

Kim: Dean, I have a very important match to train for tonight. 

Dean: What match is that? 

Kim: I'm gonna go for a number one contenders match for the Divas title. 

Dean: Oh, well congrats. 

Kim: Yeah, but what do you need or want. 

Dean: I miss us. 

Kim: Our storyline dropped Dean, we never were really in a storyline. It was more of a... way to lead me into the WWE. 

Dean: Yeah, it was, but still. We had sex. 

Kim: *laughs* That was a one night stand, we were drunk only. Plus, I don't even remember any of it. 

Dean: Ok, well just to let you know, I'm crazy about you, and I think I'm more than in love with you. *walks off* 

Kim: *stands in silence* 

Tamina: *songs play and walks out* 

Kim: *walks to the curtains and waits* 

(Kim's Music Hits) 

Kim: *walks out the ring* 

Tamina: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *slowly locks up with tamina* 

Tamina: *kicks kim in the gutter* 

Kim: *kneels to one knee* 

Tamina: *grabs kim and does a samoan drop* 

Kim: *groans* 

Tamina: *picks kim up* 

Kim: *pushes tamina and slaps her* 

Tamina: *runs after kim and grabs her by the hair* 

Kim: *screaming* 

Tamina: *headbutts kim* 

Kim: *falls to the ground* 

Tamina: *goes to the top turnbuckle* 

Kim: *rolls out of the ring* 

Nikki: *runs out and beats up kim* 

Refs: *calls the match off* 

Justin: The winner of this match by disqualification... Kim! 

Tamina: *gets mad and beats up nikki* 

Kim: *runs and sits in exhaustion on the ramp and smiles* 

Tamina: *looks down at nikki* 

(Night Of Champions) 

Dean: Hey. 

Kim: What's up Dean? *puts her water bottle down* 

Dean: I um, wish you were in the title match tonight, but I guess things don't always turn out the way we want. 

Kim: Yeah, but it's ok because I'm finally getting my match with Nikki Bella after so long. 

Dean: Yeah, congrats on that too. 

Kim: Dean, what do you want from me? Our contract is over. 

Dean: I'm sorry, I didn't know co-workers couldn't talk to eachother. 

Kim: You're not trying to talk to me Dean, what do you really want? 

Dean: I just... I can't stop thinking about you. 

Kim: Why? I mean, we hardly did nothing. 

Dean: No, you're wrong. We talked more than you thought, we hanged out more than we thought. And to top it, I think we like eachother more than we think. 

Kim: Dean, I'm not in love with you, I was when I was a fan, but this is my dream. To be a WWE talent, not be Dean Ambrose's girlfriend. 

Dean: Fine! Then be Jonathan Good's girlfriend! 

Kim: *stands in silence* 

Dean: Exactly, I knew you wanted to be with me one way or another. *walks off* 

Nikki: Hey? What just happened? 

Kim: I don't know Nikki. Dean's talking all these nonsense and then now he wants me to be his girlfriend? 

Nikki: Dean? Wants you to be his girlfriend? 

Kim: No, Jonathan Good's girlfriend. *walks off* 

Nikki: Well I'll see you out there tonight! 

Kim: *goes and gets ready* 

Roman: Hey Kim, you have a minute? 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Roman, yeah, I do, what's up? *sits on the steel boxes and smiles* 

Roman: Listen, I know this who storyline with Dean and Renee has thrown people off a bit. 

Kim: Yeah, it did. I was confused; I mean I don't really think we were really "together". I mean, even the WWE storyline didn't go anywhere with us you know. 

Roman: Kim. *chuckles* Calm down, it's ok. 

Kim: I'm sorry Roman. I just, can you just please listen to me, like don't talk, just listen. 

Roman: I'm here ain't I? 

Kim: Ok. I always been in love with you and Dean as a fan, but now that I'm here with you guys, it's not the same anymore. I still like you, but I can't fangirl over you anymore because that's just really weird. And for Dean, I loved it when I got the call to be his girlfriend. I hated that I went to Mark and Jane to tell them to call it off. I actually really do love Dean, not Dean, but Jonathan himself.  

Roman: *nods* Ok. 

Kim: You don't know how hard it is for me to hold it all in and pretend I don't want to talk and look at Dean. When he talks to me, I just want to hold him, and tell him I love him.  

Roman: Why didn't you? 

Kim: Because he was Renee's boyfriend. 

Roman: Ok. 

Kim: Roman, you're good friends with Dean, can you please tell him I'm sorry for everything I caused him and Renee. 

Roman: You want me to do that now? Or... 

Kim: I guess? I don't really know when you want to. 

Roman: *laughs* I think I'm just gonna go and try to remember what you said first. 

Kim: *sighs* Nevermind, I'll just go and tell him. 

Dean: *talking with seth* Yeah, and I just, I don't even know... 

Kim: Jon. 

Dean: *turns around* 

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: Yes? 

Kim: *puts her hand around deans neck* 

Dean: What are you? 

Kim: *kisses dean* 

Dean: *stops kissing kim* 

Kim: *looks at dean and smiles softly* 

Dean: What was that all... 

Kim: *kisses dean again* 

(Night Of Champion Event) 

Nikki: *comes out to the ring and waits for kim* 

Kim: *comes out next and goes straight at it with nikki* 

Nikki: *pushes kim off* 

Kim: *runs back at nikki* 

Nikki: *dropskicks kim* 

Kim: *falls back* 

Nikki: Stay down! *kicks kim* 

Kim: *blocks and pulls nikki down and gets on top of her* 

Nikki: *fighting back with kim* 

Cole: These two ladies have taken it too far.  

Jerry: It's not just about the word, it's gotten personal between these two! 

JBL: Please, if it wasn't for these two the divas division wouldn't even be here! 

Nikki: *gets out the ring and leaves the match* 

Jerry: Wait a minute, is Nikki leaving the match? 

Kim: *gets out the ring/runs and attacks nikki from behind* 

Nikki: *falls to the ramp* 

Kim: *pulls nikki by the hair and brings her to ring* 

Nikki: *elbows kim* 

Kim: *hits back and pushes nikki to the barricade* 

Nikki: *groans* 

Kim: You like to ruin matches and opportunities huh! I'll show you how to do it! *runs and kicks nikki in the head* 

Nikki: *falls to the ground* 

Kim: *grabs nikki and tosses her into the ring and gets in* 

Nikki: *slaps kim* 

Kim: *lays in silence* 

Nikki: *grabs kim and puts her in the rack attack position* 

Kim: *reverses and puts nikki in a Christo lock* 

Nikki: *kneels to one knee and then the next* 

Kim: *lets go and puts nikki in the lotus lock* 

Nikki: *taps out* 

Ref: *trying to pull kim away from nikki* 

Justin: The winner of this match by submission, Kim! 

Kim: *lets go of nikki* 

Ref: *grabs kims hand and raises it* 

Kim: *pushes the ref away and goes onto the top turnbuckle and poses for the fans* 

Stephanie: Great match out there Kim, very impressive. 

Kim: *out of energy* Thank you Stephanie, I tried my best. 

Brie: *hugs kim from behind* Congrats on your first PPV match! *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you Brie. 

Brie: Can't wait to see what's next for you. 

Stephanie: Many things. *smiles and walks off* 

Nikki: *walks to the back* 

Kim: Hey. *smiles* 

Nikki: *smiles exhausted* Hey. 

Kim: Great match out there. 

Nikki: No, great match for you! *chuckles* You gotten stronger since Monday. 

Kim: Really? 

Nikki: I swear every week you are stronger. *laughs* It's not even funny. 

Kim: Well I hope you're ok. 

Nikki: I am, great reversal's and loved how it went from a Christo to the Lotus lock. 

Kim: Thank you, I had to do a little training on that. 

Brie: No wonder you gotten stronger. You went to train huh. 

Kim: I had to, there was some parts I needed to learn more. 

Dean: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: Hey. *smiles nervously* 

Nikki: We'll let you two talk. 

Brie: *leaves with nikki* 

Dean: Congrats on your first PPV match, you did great, and I think it's time you go for that Divas title now. 

Kim: *smiles* Aw, thanks Dean. *hugs dean* 

Dean: *hugs kim* Back, so? After the show, want to go celebrate? 

Kim: Not again. 

Dean: It won't be this time, I promise. *smiles big then chuckles*

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