Promise ?

You think you want to die but in reality... You just want to be saved.

Riley goes through the struggle of being alone, depressed and having suicidal thoughts.

Jason is feeling broken , upset, alone and un focused with his gang work.

So what happens when they met ?


3. Outside

Jason mccan..... Americas most wanted criminal has just esc--------

"Err boring" I said turning off the TV and tossing the TV remote across the lounge.

"Why don't you go outside and do something instead of always sitting in the house " my sister amber said from the kitchen,

"What am I supposed to do outside ?" I said questioning her

" I don't know go for walk ? Or something .. Just- errr go outside " she said getting frustrated

"Are you ok?" I said getting a bit worried

" I'm fine just go outside for a little yeah ?" She said softer this time.

"Alright I'll go " I said giving her a hug then walked off outside shutting the door behind me.

I really don't know what she expects me to do outside I mean it's not hot or cold and it's just plain boring. I'd rather be on my phone texting and be on my mac watching my favourite youtubers.

After about 10 minutes of thinking about where to go while sitting at the door step I decided to go for a walk through the fields that were filled with gorgeous flowers except I don't understand why people do t really go out there anymore I mean the fields were only about 2 minutes away. So I get of my ass check my phone quickly then start walking.

* 2 minutes later *

As I get there I was actually surprised why I don't come here more often , it sort of reminded me of the fields in the movie twilight.

As I walked around being in one of my day dreams as usual I trip over something and landed straight on my ass... Great. That's going to leave a nasty bruise.

I looked to go see what I tripped over and It seemed to be something metal. As I wipe off all the dirt I come to realise it's a handle . After about a 5 minute internal fight in my mind I decided to open it .... After all it's probably nothing .. Right ?

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