Promise ?

You think you want to die but in reality... You just want to be saved.

Riley goes through the struggle of being alone, depressed and having suicidal thoughts.

Jason is feeling broken , upset, alone and un focused with his gang work.

So what happens when they met ?


4. adrenaline

As I opened it a ladder had unreeled underneath so I decided to climb down it. As I stood on the floor it was pitch black so I ran my hands along the wall until I heard noises. So with my curiosity over taking my mind I ever so slowly creeped along with my hands Infront of me until I ran into a door.

I came to a hault and probably stayed there for two minutes deciding whether or not to open it and of course I had opened it. You know in the movies where when you open a door in a pub and your new everyone stereotypically stops what they're doing and everything goes silent ?

Well I just experienced that when I had just walked into Americas most wanted gang..

There was probably a 5 second pause till everybody realised what's happening. I ran and slammed the door behind me as I tried to escape up the ladder until I felt hands on my waist pulling me back down. I looked back and I saw it was the man himself.... Jason mccan.

I lifted my leg and stomped him in the face earning a grunt from him and me running away down the field...

The adrenaline in me was kicking in and my heart was racing as I got to my house. I locked the door behind me and ran around trying to find my sister until I saw a note on the fridge..


Don't wait up I've been called into work and I won't be back till early morning xx

Love you

Shit shit shit what do I do ?

I ran around locking everything I could think of and just as I was about to ring the police the power was cut out. I grabbed the biggest knife I could find in the drawer and hid upstairs in my cupboard.

This is it.... This is how I'm going to die.

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