Shot Me Out of the Sky

It all started when Callie went to a one direction signing with her sister. One of the boys asks her to go out on a date. Everything is perfect until something terrible happens


1. Chapter 1

Callie woke up to her little sister screaming her name from downstairs.

"Callie, come on! Hurry up! I want to get my poster signed!" my whiny little sister squeals.

"I'm coming Hazel! Can't you wait a minute?" I yell back from my room. Hazel's only eight but already super annoying. I throw on some shorts and a loose tee. I run a brush through my golden brown hair before grabbing my purse off the door handle and running down the stairs.

"You ready?" Hazel asks impatiently.

"Yes," I sigh "come on. Get in the car." I'm taking her to the bookstore to meet her favorite band, One Direction. They're here in California for awhile and Hazel begged me to drive her to meet them. After a lot of begging I finally gave in. I have to say, she does looks rather cute in her pink tutu and her "I love 1D" tee shirt. She's pretty much jumping up in the air out of excitement.

"Wow, Hazel, calm down." I suggest as we climb into my car. It's a red convertible that I got for my 16th birthday. Hazel pushes the button to put the top down. I put my sunglasses on and pull my hair into a ponytail. My sister cranks up the radio as we pull out of the driveway. Her blonde hair whips behind her as we drive to the bookstore. She jumps out of the car before I even completely park it. Hazel takes off running.

"Wait for me!" I grab my purse and my keys and follow her. Before she gets to the store, I catch up and she grabs my hand. She's smiling like a lunatic and looks like she just got shocked by a taser.

"Quick! Before everyone else gets here!" Carrie shouts. We run to the line of squealing girls. The line isn't too long yet because the store opens at 9:00 and it's only 8:45.

"You guys can come in if you want." an employee announces. Hazel drags  me through the door and to the line in front of a table. Hazel hops up, hoping to get a glimpse of the boys. I like their music, bur I really don't get what all the fuss is about. Soon the line shortens and it's finally our turn. Hazel runs to a blonde haired guy who is sitting next to a brown haired guy.

"OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC PLEASE PLEASE SIGN THIS FOR ME OMG I FREAKING LOVE YOU GUYS AND-" Hazel gushes. I laugh and the brown haired guy asks what I want signed.

"Oh nothing. I'm her with my little sister." I gesture to Hazel

"You sure? You can have a poster for free if you want." he says.

"Alright thanks." I reply

"I'm Harry, by the way." he says

"Callie" I smile at him.

"Here you are love." He handed me the poster.

"Thanks so much!" I grin again. We leave and Hazel is still blabbing. I decide to get a closer look at my poster. 'Callie, give me a call sometime ;) and next to it is a phone number.

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